Interview w/ Singer Alexis Brown of Straight Line Stitch


Alexis Brown – Vocals
Darren McClelland – Bass
Jason White – Guitar

Dante: Hi Alexis, Thanks for calling.

Alexis Brown: No problem thanks for taking the time.

Dante: Let’s talk about your new E.P.

Alexis Brown: We just released our new E.P. June 30th It is called Transparency.

Dante: Why did you decide to release an E.P. And not a full Length?

Alexis Brown: We decided to put out an E.P. instead of a full length because we wanted to test the waters and see how the fans reacted and see what they thought. We struggled allot we did everything on our own. We didn’t have a label or management, so for us it was monumental because there was a time when we had lost everything and no one wanted to be bothered with us and every door was closed to us. So we really had to fight to put this album out and be heard. It really is a testament to everything we went through.

Dante: How would you compare Transparency to past efforts?

Alexis Brown: We had allot of help with those records. We had people telling us what to do and how to do it. I feel like they kind of held our hand at time. They would tell us to do this and do that. The difference between those records and our current effort is we learned allot. We’ve had those experiences and learned from them. I feel that this record is more mature because of those things we have learned.

Dante: Can you tell me about the video for Human Bondage?

Alexis Brown: The video we did for Human Bondage was made by Jeremy Williams. He did our video for Never See The Day. I hit him up, I sent him the track and he loved it. I told him my ideas and we co wrote the treatment together.

Dante: By the time people read this, this leg of the tour will be over. Whats next?

Alexis Brown: After this leg of the tour, we head home then we go back out and do an east coast run. I have not really checked out the info yet so I don’t know who we are going out with.

Dante: Since you started how have you seen the industry change towards females? Have you encountered any obstacles?

Alexis Brown: That is a hard question to answer because I never really think about that stuff. There have been more and more women coming up and I think it is great. I think it has become more socially acceptable now a days. There are more outlets for women in this genre now than ever before. As far as us, it’s always been about the music and never really focusing on me or the fact that it is a female fronted band. It’s Straight Line Stitch. It always has been and always will be. As far as problems, I think I have faced the race card a few times more so than any problems with me being a woman.

Dante: Really? There are allot of African Americans in hard rock and heavy metal. Was it because you are black or was it because you are a black woman?

Alexis Brown: This was a few years back, at the time we were on tour with Devil Driver. It was at a show in Detroit . And there was skinheads in the crowd and they were screaming obscenities and doing the whole sieg heil hitler thing with their hand and stuff. And I don’t why. I don’t know if it was because I am black or a black female. I just think it was because of the color of my skin.

Dante: I am sorry. That is just ridiculous.

Alexis Brown: It’s OK, Some people are just like that. You have to love everybody good and bad and you just have to take the punches I guess. My thing is, if you are going to hate me, hate me because of something I did to you or something I said. Don’t hate me because of the skin color I was born with.

Dante: I agree with you one hundred percent.

Dante:  Allot of people complain about labels being controlling. Now that you did this record without one would you say doing it with or without a label, both seem like a double edged sword?

Alexis Brown: Exactly, I am sure there are some labels out there that will work with you. Pavement is our label now and we have a distribution deal with them. They are pushing the record because they believe in the band.

Dante: I have to ask about the lineup changes?

Alexis Brown: We have had a revolving door of members and it’s not what people think it is. We are not a band that just chews up members and spit them out. Allot of things happen. We have had members go because they want to spend time with their family and didn’t want to tour. Some people left because they didn’t make the money they thought they would make. Some thought it was going to be the rock star life and it wasn’t. Others were just ready to settle down. There are many different reasons why people have come and gone. But ultimately Straight Line Stitch has kept moving on and the goal and the dream is still the same.

Dante: Is there anything you want to say before we end this?

Alexis Brown: I can not explain our gratitude that we have for our fans. We would not be here still doing this if it was not for them. Yes it’s hard at times but with them and their support and their messages, it just makes it worth it. There have been times when I thought I may not want to do this anymore and out of the blue there is a fan that I never met that send a message saying “keep it up please don’t ever stop doing what you are doing” and that is something. We read that stuff and that’s why we are still here. And I just want to thank them and let them know how much we love them.

Dante: That sounds like a good way to end this. Thank you so much Alexis

Alexis Brown: Thank you Dante for having me.


Transparency Track Listing:

Out of the Shadows

Dark Matter

Out of Body

Face of God


Human Bondage

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