Interview w/ Singer Josh Todd of Buckcherry / Talks New Album Rock n Roll & Dildos


Rock truly is not dead. And Buckcherry have a killer new album to prove it. Buckcherry will release their new album, Rock n Roll on August 21st via F-Bomb Records/Caroline. I had a chance to ask lead vocalist Josh Todd a few questions check it out below.

Dante: What was the process like making this album opposed to past albums considering this album is being released through your own label?

Josh Todd: Same process making the album as previous albums, the only difference was we split up the writing process two weeks here, a week there, in between touring.

Dante: The production on this album is great. Who was the producer?

Josh Todd: Keith Nelson, our guitar player produced it. He’s done the last 4 as well. He does a good job so we keep having him back.

Dante: Are there any videos in the works?

Josh Todd: Bring It On Back video is out there now, we shot it at the same location in Lancaster, California where they did the last scene in the movie Seven. Also, we made a video for Tight Pants that I know everyone will enjoy.

Dante: What are your thoughts on doing a live album?

Josh Todd: We did one a while back and its time to do another one, It’s really cool, just have to get the right show.

Dante: Going back to your last effort the FUCK E.P., why or how did the idea come, to create a collection of songs based on the word fuck? I am just curious?

Josh Todd: Fuck is a fantastic word with a lot of different meanings and we all had EP’s as kids and wanted to make it special. Here’s a shocker, it wasn’t hard for us, we could of, and thought about, doing a full length record but thought it would be overkill.

Dante: Crazy Bitch toy line? Is the dildo modeled after any of the band members? If so who?

Josh Todd: No, it was the best selling shlong and that’s why we picked it. They wanted us to do molds and I can only speak for myself, but I thought it would be a little creepy.


Dante: If a fan came up to you at a show with a dildo that was not a Crazy Bitch dildo would you sign it?

Josh Todd: I’ve signed everything you can think of, sure.

Dante: Are there any more products planned for the future?

Josh Todd: Yes butt plugs, vibrators, the works.

Dante: Would you like to say anything to your fans who might be reading this?

Josh Todd: We love you thanks for being radical. Go get this record, it’s one of our best and we’ll see you at the rock show.

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