Interview w/ Coal Chamber Bassist Nadja Peulen


Coal Chamber played The Underground Arts in Philadelphia PA on August 15th in support of there new album Rivals. The Underground Arts packed with rabid fans and Coal Chamber was relentless kicking off their set with Loco and Big Truck followed by I O U Nothing from their new album Rivals. Coal Chamber was spot on giving their fans just what they came for, a set filled new songs and fan favorites.

We had a interviewed scheduled before the show, I had a feeling the interview was going to get scratched due to time constraints but Bassist Nadja Peulen was cool enough to give us a few minutes so for that we thank her. Check out what she had to say below.


Dante: How has the response been to your new album Rivals?

Nadja Peulen: I think it has been doing great. It came out May 19th and it has been getting a great response so far.

Dante: Coming back after thirteen years, looks like you guys have not missed a beat.

Nadja Peulen: That’s how it feels with us and if you have known each other for as long as we have you know what you are getting into. We have all grown as individuals so perspectives have changed and we respect each other a little more and thing are more harmonious.

Dante: Are there any videos you would like to plug?

Nadja Peulen: The live video for Rivals. It was filmed at Koko in London. It is a great place. It was a sold out show. We did it with a few guys from Skindred so it was really cool, great people and the results were fantastic.

Greg Gory: What is you favorite song to play live?

Nadja Peulen: Another Nail In The Coffin that is in our setlist and I really like Bad Blood Between Us but we are not playing that one right now.

Greg Gory: What are some of your fondness memories from these current tours?

Nadja Peulen: There have been so many, all these tours we have done so far, for me coming back after thirteen years has been a lot of fun and we have been touring with a lot of friends that we have known forever. So it has been a lot of fun.

Greg Gory: Is there any bands you would like to tour with?

Nadja Peulen: I would love to tour with System Of A Down or Korn there is so many.

Dante:Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Nadja Peulen: Thanks for coming to the shows and thank you for your support after so many years. Thank you for coming out to the shows and bringing your kids and other people as well.


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