Davina And The Vagabonds debuts in Philadelphia PA. With two sold out shows last Saturday night February 6 at Chris’ Jazz Cafe


Davina And The Vagabonds debuts in Philadelphia PA. With two sold out shows last Saturday night February 6 at Chris’ Jazz Cafe

I have to admit this was the first time I walked into a jazz club. I had no idea what to expect from the venue, the show goers or Davina And The Vagabonds. I went to cover this show based on what I have seen on youtube. And what I have seen has been a mixed bag of styles so again I had no idea what to expect.

d15 - Copy.jpg

Chris’ Jazz Cafe looks like and feels like an upscale place. The atmosphere is dark, very laid back with candlelit tables and the menu is great. I spoke with a few show goers that love Davina And The Vagabonds and traveled to Philadelphia for the show.

Davina And The Vagabonds took the stage for the second time. There was a jazz blues fusion going on mixed with Davina’s soulful voice. The band played a combination of covers and originals from the albums Black Cloud and Sunshine.


I do not remember many songs because like I said, I didn’t know any walking in the door so I can’t provided a set list but the songs I remember where Red Shoes from the album Sunshine, a Squirrel Nut Zippers cover, and a Hank Williams cover.


This was the first time I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and I was truly blown away. This was an amazing experience. The thing I regret, was not having someone there with me to share it with.

Previously posted press release


Over the past several years, Davina And The Vagabonds, have been building an audience around the globe.  Their shows are filled with New Orleans charm, Memphis soul swagger, dark theatrical moments that evoke Kurt Weill, and tender gospel passages. Singer/pianist Davina Sowers’ presence is indelible, while her voice defies simple categorization. Evoking comparisons as diverse as Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday and Betty Boop, she is simply a true original, presenting a personal vision that celebrates a century of American music.
With a full tour schedule already in place for the top of the new year, Davina And The Vagabondswill release a brand new live album: Nicollet And Tenth on March 25th.
Normally when an artist announces they are releasing a ‘live album’ it’s considered a stopgap or throwaway release, not vital to the artist’s collection.  In the case of Nicollet And Tenth, it couldn’t be any farther from the truth.  Davina And The Vagabonds have built their success on the road, and the two studio albums released by the group so far have tried to be a reflection of their rollicking focused performances, clean sound and raging fun.
With the release of Nicollet And Tenth, the band is giving the listener a front row seat to what has made them popular in the first place, their live show.
“On the corner of Nicollet and Tenth, in downtown MPLS, lies a moody jazz club called the Dakota,” Davina remarked.  “The Vagabonds and I have been playing there for over 10 years. It is our second home and we are welcoming you to come in, grab a drink, and listen to us play our hearts out to you!”
In 2011, Davina And The Vagabonds released her first full length, all original album Black Cloud. It was named one of the ten best releases of the year by their hometown daily the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and awarded 4 ½ stars from Downbeat Magazine. Their next release in 2014, Sunshine, hit number 13 in the Billboard Blues Chart, which led to an performance on the famed hit BBC show,Later with Jools Holland. 
Watch Davina And The Vagabonds Perform “Red Shoes” live on Later With Jools Holland here:https://vid.me/5Jxz
Knock Me A Kiss
Black Cloud
Ain’t That A Shame
Louisiana Fairytale
Shake That Thing
Muddy Waters
You Must Be Losing Your Mind
Lipstick And Chrome
Start Runnin
I Would Rather Go Blind
Red Shoes
Travelin All Alone
5 ft 2
Bee Sting
St. James
His Eye is On The Sparrow
2016 Remaining  Davina And The Vagabonds Tour Dates
2/13                 Racine, WI                               Racine Theatre
2/14                 Madison, WI                            Majestic Theatre
2/26                 Minneapolis, MN                     Dakota
2/27                 Minneapolis, MN                     Dakota
2/28                 Sioux Falls, SD                        Sioux Falls State Theatre
3/04                 Des Moines, IA                        Social Club
3/05                 Bloomington, IL                      American Red Cross Fundraiser
3/10                 Akron, OH                               Jilly’s Music Room
3/11                 Cleveland, OH                         Music Box Supper Club
3/12                 New Cumberland, WV            Oak Glen Culture Club
3/19                 Mankato, MN                          Hooligan’s
3/29                 Seattle, WA                             Jazz Alley
3/30                 Seattle, WA                             Jazz Alley
4/02                 Eureka, CA                             Redwood Coast Music Festival
4/21                 Minneapolis, MN                   Dakota
4/22                 Minneapolis, MN                   Dakota
4/23                 Zumbrota, MN                       Crossings
4/24                 Minneapolis, MN                   Dakota
5/03                 Hopkins, MN                         Hopkins Center For The Arts
5/12                 Minneapolis, MN                   Lowertown Line Filming
6/04                 Rapids, IA                              Veterans Memorial Building


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