Interview w/ Chris Danzig of Down and Outlaws


Down And Outlaws released their fist full length album a few weeks back. I liked the album so I sent them a few questions. Bassist Chris Danzig took the time to answer the questions and for that I want to say Thank You Chris.

Down And Outlaws are a new band with their first album out. Check out what ever music of theirs you can. Check out the CD. It’s really good. If I didn’t it I would not have taken the time to send them questions or post this. Check out the Q&A below thanks…..

D&O Photo 3 - Credit_Jude Zasadzki

Dante: For people who may not know of Down and Outlaws can you please introduce the band?

Chris Danzig: Hi! I’m Chris, I play bass and sing background vocals. My brother Peter sings lead vocals and plays guitar. Kyle plays guitar, and sings background too. Jon plays drums and also rocks the hell out of the occasional pan flute.

Dante: How long has Down and Outlaws been a band?

Chris Danzig: We’ve been a band since 2012, but Jon didn’t join until 2014, so that’s when it feels like the band started becoming what it is now.

Dante: Tell us about your CD Above Snakes?

Chris Danzig: It’s our first full length album, and we’re really proud of it! it’s first time our music is been collected in one place where it really sounds the way we heard ourselves at the time.

Dante: How long did it take to make Above Snakes?

Chris Danzig: We recorded the whole thing in about a week of thirteen hour days, but we had spent most of the previous year writing and demoing to clear out all our bad ideas.

Dante:The production on this album is great. Who was the producer?

Chris Danzig: Thanks! John Lousteau engineered and produced it. He’s magical, and the record wouldn’t have happened without his talent.

Dante: Where did the inspiration for some of the songs come from?

Chris Danzig: Most of the stuff comes from frustrating personal experiences… Whether it’s heartbreak or longing, or working through feelings of obsession and desperation.

Dante: How has the response been since the release?

Chris Danzig: It’s been great! We worked hard on this, so it’s really awesome when people start to get it, you know? When it resonates with folks.

Dante: You have an old school sound. What are some of your influences?

Chris Danzig: We definitely are fans of rock and punk stuff across the board, anywhere from Led Zeppelin to Iggy Pop to Queens of the Stone Age to the Kills.

Dante: Is there any bands you would like to tour with?

Chris Danzig: So many! Hah. QOTSA, All Them Witches, Reignwolf, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I could go on for days.

Dante:Are there any videos in the works?

Chris Danzig: Not at the moment, but we have videos out already for I Don’t Care and Lay Me Down. They’re on Youtube!

Dante: Is there any plans for a tour? Working on it, I swear!

Dante: Would you like to say anything to your fans who might be reading this?

Chris Danzig: Hi Mom! And seriously, we wouldn’t be able to do anything without the friends and fans who come to see us again and again. It means the world to us that people give a damn about our music.

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