OK here we go again…….last year it was a flood, now it’s fire.

I never, ever post personal stuff here at Rock Nightmare but I think this time I have to. I have to shut this down for a little while because this past Thursday I had a house fire and my family and I have to move into a hotel until my house is repaired. It’s just not safe to stay here. Smoke damage is bad and we just can not breath this in anymore. Everyone is OK, Our Dog and Cats and my Cat Spookie are fine. And the house was saved but things need to be cleaned and repaired and replaced. With that being said along with everything else that goes on with life some things need to take a back seat until life gets back to normal. And this is one of them. So to everyone I work with to make this happen I am sorry.

And to everyone who takes the time to check out Rock Nightmare Thank you. Things like this just seem to happen.

Ill be back up and running when we move back home. Take Care

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