Columbus, OH rock band Beartooth released their Official Live Video for ‘Fire’, a prominent track from their third studio album Disease. ‘Fire’, the survivalist anthem from their most recent album, further examines frontman Caleb Shomo’s battle with his own demons and the shackles of depression. Fans can now experience the energy of a live performance in this video 

Listing ‘Fire’ as his current favorite off of the album, Shomo explains how this song sonically marks the album’s extremities in one track, showing “the heavy stuff and the softer side. I think it offers a little piece of everything and depicts how the record sounds.” The live video showcases the talents of videographer Wyatt Clough and recreates the electricity of a live Beartooth performance by featuring footage from 20 different cities on their recently wrapped Disease Tour.

Beartooth, who just wrapped a European tour earlier this year in addition to a full US headline tour, will be headed back to Europe in early 2019. 
A full list of dates can be found here.

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