Black Dawn-On Blackened Wings CD Review


Matt Kotten (Guitar, Vocals),
TOM KELLY (Guitar),

On May 3rd Long Island New York’s Black Dawn will release their new CD On Blackened Wings via Pavement Entertainment .

I had a chance to check out the CD. After sitting with it for a few days it really grew on me. Just think, if Godsmack and Drowning Pool had a baby you get Black Dawn. On Blackened Wings offers up five tracks of riff driven metal.

The bands influences shine through on this entire disc. The track Thoughts Of Yesterday bleeds Alice In Chains. On Blackened Wings marks the bands fourth album and they only get better with each offering.

Check out the bands first single Help Me form On Blackened Wings


Track List

Hold Me Down

Thoughts Of Yesterday

I Can’t Believe

Through These Eyes



Pavement Entertainment



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