“Lou Brutus has been my good friend for decades and with this ‘memoir masterpiece’ about the Lou I know – an extremely accomplished, complex, well-read, collector, rock historian, photographer and much more – I’m hoping to have to rewrite what I wrote in the 2nd edition printing of the bestseller!” – Rick Nielsen/Cheap Trick

Though Lou Brutus would humbly call himself a professional music fan, he has given as much to the industry as he has gotten while traveling the world interviewing, promoting and ultimately befriending rock’s biggest stars.  Instrumental in breaking many of today’s biggest rock stars. His enthusiasm for music has never waned, thus making him the perfect proxy for the fans to find out what makes their favorite artists tick.  His interviews and experiences have been the stuff of legend, until now…

SONIC WARRIOR is a collection of Lou’s stories that will leave your mouth agape and your mind blown.  From Metallica to Snoop Dogg to Pantera to The Rolling Stones, Lou gives a hilariously unvarnished look at the realities of the music industry from his fly-on-the-wall, “I’m just the guy here to interview the band” vantage point.


“Lou Brutus is the funniest, smartest, most irreverent rock and roll storyteller I know. Imagine if Hunter S. Thompson had spent 35 years working in radio instead of chronicling bikers and politicians . . . he still wouldn’t have written a book as good as SONIC WARRIOR!” – Joe Oestreich/Author of Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll

Lou Brutus’ HARD DRIVE has been roundly lauded by industry, quoted by press and honored by award shows alike for over 23-years.  He has also spent over 19-years with SiriusXM as a host, interviewer, and senior programmer. He was nominated for the Billboard Airplay Monitor Awards for six consecutive years  (1996-2002) and has won two FMQB awards.  He has taken the Radio Contraband Awards by storm, winning the Best Nationally Syndicated DJ in America from 2013-2017.  His thought-provoking interviews are often referenced in some of the biggest publications in rock today.

“I’ve known Lou for most of my career, and in that time I’ve never encountered anyone as knowledgeable, focused, determined and yes, RESPECTFUL. He’s a fierce supporter of rock and music in general. Not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. One of the best in the biz.” – David Draiman/Disturbed

Lou is front man for two comedic punk rock bands (The Dead Schembechlers and Grumpy Old Punks), has co-written the world’s only cow-punk-rock opera (“Hee Haw Hell”), and is an accomplished photographer.  He appeared in a music-themed episode of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” has shown up in various concert films, been immortalized in the song “Lou Brutus” by outsider singer-songwriter Wesley Willis, and had Eddie Van Halen name his all-star charity band, The Lou Brutus Experience, in his honor.

“(Lou is) a tastemaker that earns the respect, trust and friendship of both musicians and music fans alike. A voice that turns the fans on to great music and helps to turn those musicians into ‘Rock Stars.’ Giving intelligent interviews, curating incredible radio playlists, identifying “The Next Big Thing” in new music, capturing Rock “moments in time,” Master Of Ceremonies at major concerts, and last but not least, singing in his own Punk Bands – Lou Brutus LIVES MUSIC! Lou Brutus is ROCK.” – Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl

He was the host of ROCKFEST in Cadott, WI this weekend and communed with the multitudes who listen to him… and his friends!

Check out the pre-order for SONIC WARRIOR here –  http://bit.ly/LouBrutusBook

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