Themes of religion, war, Nordic culture, history and revenge combined with roughly hewn Thrash Metal provide the solid foundation upon which Bobby Gustafson built his newest Satan’s Taint album, DESTRUCTION RITUAL – out August 2nd via Megaforce Records.


In addition to Gustafson’s signature sound and razor-sharp riffs, DESTRUCTION RITUAL features various friends and musicians with whom Gustafson has worked and whose work he has admired.  The new release includes contributions from long-time drummer Jim McCourt and singers Dan Ortega and Paolo Velazquez.


The album was recorded at the noted Powerstation Studios with Gustafson taking on all guitar and bass duties for DESTRUCTION RITUAL. “This is the hardest I’ve ever worked on an album. 12 songs – guitar, bass and lyrics. Musically, I stuck to my roots, but had an open mind. The music matters above all else,”  explained Gustafson.   And of the criticisms of the band name, Gustafson takes them in stride “All I know is, if a band came out today with the name PINK FLOYD and I based my interest on their name, I probably wouldn’t give them a listen.  And how wrong I would be!”


“12 exceptionally heavy, crushing tracks! There is a reason (Bobby Gustafson) is dubbed the Godfather of Thrash.  You hear it and feel it all the way through.”  – Kelly Tee, Black Metal Albums of the Week


Satan’s Taint was formed in 2014 in South Florida by Gustafson – the legendary guitarist widely known as the Godfather of Thrash.  Best known for his place in the classic Thrash band, OVERKILL, he was also a featured player and performer with Cycle Sluts from Hell, Skrew Spudmonsters/Biohazard and Italy’s Satanika.  Satan’s Taint’s debut AXE TO THE HEAD OF MY ENEMIES, was released independently in 2017.


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