Shvpes (pronounced “Shapes”) have revealed a brand-new, never-heard-before track titled “One Man Army.”
Watch and listen HERE.
When asked about the motives of the song, Shvpes frontman, Griffin Dickinson, explains, “This one’s for all the people who keep marching on through all the self-doubt because there’s that glimmer of self-belief. Even when you haven’t got a fucking clue what you’re doing and it’s all being thrown back in your face, we keep on pushing trying to ward off the thought we’re flogging a dead horse. ‘One Man Army’ is about throwing everything you’ve got into something, hoping that one day it’s going to come together… all the while, treading that line between self-belief and self-doubt; how that hunger for perfection can eat you up and leave you constantly comparing your shit to other people’s… The lyric that sums this song up for me is: ‘There’s no peace in self-belief.'”
U.S. fans can catch Shvpes at Ship Rocked Festival 2020 — a 5-day, rock-fueled cruise between New Orleans and Mexico. 2020’s line-up includes Halestorm, Alter Bridge, eand Asking Alexandria and runs from February 1 thorough February 6.
Shvpes’s latest album Greater Than is out now via Search and Destroy/Spinefarm Records.

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