DANZIG/SAMHAIN/BLAKK29 Member STEVE ZING Reissues His Early ‘80s Hardcore Punk Project MOURNING NOISE

The punk rock revolution of the 1970s not only influenced legions of music lovers through political and social commentaries, it also inspired an entire generation of budding musicians to pick up the guitar, drum sticks, sledgehammer, whatever and form their own band. One such rebellious upstart was Steve Zing, who found inspiration in a little punk rock outfit out of New Jersey called The Misfits. “Steve was one of the few younger kids who used to sit on the wall and listen outside The Misfits rehearsals,” remembers Misfits founder and vocalist Glenn Danzig. Zing would eventually form Mourning Noise, a piss-and-vinegar fueled hardcore punk group that, like their horror punk mentors, had a penchant for the dark and macabre – demons, graves, monsters, and the like. Although brief, Mourning Noise caused a ruckus loud enough to get the attention of Danzig who would eventually recruit young Zing to both of his post-Misfits bands, Samhain and Danzig.

Now, the complete studio recordings from Mourning Noise are being reissued on a deluxe collection that includes rare studio outtakes plus a special live performance at the legendary WFMU studio (CD and digital-only bonus tracks). In addition, Zing has written all new liner notes sharing for the first time ever the entire history of this brief but important band. The collection also features the full endorsement and introductory blurb from Glenn Danzig.

“Finally,” writes Zing, “35 years later, a piece of my youth lives on. Enjoy!”

For a preview of what’s in store, check out the first single “Dawn Of The Dead” and a ghoulish new video that resurrects vintage concert footage of Zing & Co. performing live!

Stream the single: https://orcd.co/mourning_noise_dawn_of_the_dead

Mourning Noise will be available on both CD and your choice of 3 vinyl colors – BLUE, PINK & RED as well as on all digital platforms starting July 2!

Buy the CD/vinyl/t-shirt: https://cleorecs.com/store/?s=mourning+noise&post_type=product

Pre-order/pre-save the digital version: https://orcd.co/mourning_noise

Track List:
1982 Reel Platinum Studio – 7″ EP
1. Dawn Of The Dead
2. Fighting Chance
3. Laser Lights
4. Demon Eyes
5. Addiction
1981 Blue Moon Studios – Demo
6. Monster Madness
7. Vincent’s Theme
8. Underground Zero
1984 Reel Platinum Studio – unissued LP
9. Nestle Baby Killer
10. Death In A White Cloud
11. Crimson Carrie
12. Mr. Surveillance
13. Progress For The People
14. Monster Madness
15. Murder Machine
16. Empty Grave
17. Vincent’s Theme
18. Underground Zero
19. Barbarian Hunt
1984 Reel Platinum Studio – unissued LP outtake
20. Batman
21. Monster Madness (Version 2)
1985 Reel Platinum Studio – outtake
22. Foolish Grief
Live on WFMU 1982 [CD ONLY]
23. Progress For The People
24. Fighting Chance
25. Vincent’s Theme
26. Laser Lights
27. Sergio
28. Addiction
29. Demon Eyes
30. Radical
31. Crimson Carrie
32. Dawn Of The Dead
33. Monster Madness

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