British rock band DEAD ROMANTIC has released a follow-up track to the band’s first reveal “Yesterday,” which has been viewed on YouTube over 1.5 million times. Dead Romantic’s full-length debut studio album will be globally released on September 3.

Producer and guitarist Michael Krompass shares, “This is the second single from the album and its one that went through a couple of re-writes before it became what it is. We’re really happy with how it turned out though. It’s a great combination of the heavy and catchy side of what we like to create. We wrote with Steve Diamond again for this one too, he’s a great writer and we have a great chemistry with him. Lyrically this song is about not wanting to be wrapped up in lies just because it’s more comfortable. It’s about living the truth and although that might be painful sometimes it’s better than bullshit.” Singer Dan Taylor reflects, “My dad has always told me that liars are the worst kind of people, and I think that still stands to a certain degree even when the lie is told to save your feelings. This song is about not wanting to hear lies just to make you feel good. It’s like don’t talk shit, I want the truth, even if it hurts.” 

As Dead Romantic continue to work towards the band’s debut, they have already amassed a dedicated fanbase.  Expressing a sound that draws from the heaviest riffs to radio pop sensibilities, the quartet hits you with a sonic melting pot reminiscent of such acts as 30 Seconds to Mars, Bring Me The Horizon, Foo Fighters, Bad Flower and Architects. Dead Romantic is Dan Taylor (vocals), Chris Horrocks (bass), Adam Breeze (drums), Sam Stoddard (keyboards / background vocals) and multi-platinum record producer Mike Krompass (lead guitar).

The band’s repertoire is unique, but familiar. There are elements that inspire, with a touch that’s pure in being heartfelt and personal. Lyrically, the songs can be raw and real, but also poetic.  As singer Taylor shares, “Modern, catchy and accessible songs unlike anything else in particular that appeals to a broad spectrum of people. The hooks of pop hits that make people want to sing along, coupled with sick metal breakdowns that make them want to fuck each other up.”  Breeze adds, “We aim to deliver music driven by living, breathing human beings playing real instruments, inspiring kids to find their own voice. On stage, a live show that is all inclusive and relentless with raw energy.” Bassist Horrocks offers, “We are one with the fans, no barrier between us and them – I’m not a fan of bands who distance themselves from their fan base. I think that connection between artist and their fan base is essential for a band to function in the long term.”

The forthcoming DEAD ROMANTIC release, produced by multi-platinum record producer and guitarist Mike Krompass, features collaborations with Zakk Cervini (Yungblud, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects), Emmy winner and six-time Grammy Nominated songwriter Steve Diamond (Orianthi, Eric Clapton) & mastered by Ted Jensen (Bring Me The Horizon, Bad Flower).

Collectively, the band shares, “We approached this with the primary aim of creating the record we’ve always wanted to create – completely unchained, raw, filled with the best elements of everything we love about music. We’ve all come from different musical backgrounds that seem to work together to make DEAD ROMANTIC. There’s a little bit of pop, a little bit of metal and a lot of rock that we hope can connect with people around the globe.”

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