Dee Snider will be releasing his new album “Leave A Scar” through Napalm Records July 30 2021.

This past Friday night, June 11th after almost 2 years, Dee Snider returned to the stage. The Leave A Scar promo show Hosted by Eddie Trunk at Stereo Garden in Patchogue NY, was a fun night and a great way to come out of a pandemic, and not to mention the show was a filming event for an upcoming DVD.

There were a lot of things going on during this event. First and foremost a portion of the proceeds went to Melissa’s Wish. A Nonprofit that helps provide relief to the caregiver in the form of financial support to help ease the stress endured while providing care to those afflicted with an illness. Guitars, drum heads and a cymbal were raffled off, as well as a 50/50 raffle, and the show was catered. That’s right everyone got to eat really good food. ( Just a note: I do not know who catered this event ) For more info about Melissa’s Wish Click Here.

There was no opening band. Dee Snider came on at 8pm opening the show with the lead single from his new album Leave A Scar, I Still Gotta Rock followed by Tomorrow’s No Concern from Dee’s last album For The Love Of Metal. Then came the anthem You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll. Then came another new one Down But Never Out followed by American Made and then a special guest, from Twisted Sister Mark “The Animal” Mendoza came out for Under The Blade. It was great to see Mark, Watching the way he plays his bass, I would not want to be hit in the face by this guy. His nickname “The Animal” fits him perfectly.

Dee and Co. went on to play more songs from the upcoming album Leave A Scare as well as the hits We’re Not Gonna Take It, I Wanna Rock and Burn In Hell from the Stay Hungry album. A few other standouts of the night was my favorite song from the album For The Love Of Metal, I Am The Hurricane. I love the power of the song. It’s just so heavy. Another song that was really cool to hear and did not expect was Ready To Fall from Wideowmaker‘s 1994 release Stand By For Pain. The song fit into the set nicely and was just as heavy as the new songs. And to close the show a cover of AC/DC‘s Highway To Hell.

From the moment the show started the energy on the stage was turned up to 11, and did not stop until the show was over. I know some people might have wanted to hear a few more Twisted Sister songs but I for one thought it was great to hear a performer play new songs. Besides for Iron Maiden who puts out an album and really plays songs from it besides the single. I can’t think of anyone. This was a show to promote a new album. So you do that by playing new songs. And the songs fucking killed. After all these years Dee Snider is arguably the greatest front man to hit a stage. And with his new album Leave A Scare, Dee Snider has proven not only that he still has to rock but he still can.

Set list was as follows:

I Gotta Rock (Again)

Tomorrow’s No Concern

You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll

Down But Never Out

American Made

Under The Blade

Time To Choose

I Am The Hurricane

We’re Not Gonna Take It

Before I Go

Become The Storm

Burn In Hell


Ready To Fall

I Wanna Rock

For The Love Of Metal

Highway To Hell

Pre-Order Leave A Scar HERE


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