FuZZrd is Brett Petrusek (Lead Vocals / Guitars), Robert Berg (Bass / Background Vocals), Eric Vobejda (Background Vocals / Guitars) and Scott Savage (Drums).

FuZZrd has presented a third composition from the band’s debut studio album. The track “Life Turned Black,” produced by Jeremy Tappero (Soul Asylum), can be heard and seen here: https://bit.ly/FuZZrdLifeTurnedBlack.  Guitarist and singer Brett Petrusek offers, “Whenever I sing ‘Life Turned Black’ it’s a really raw experience for me, since it’s all about obsession and devotion. But that’s also why it’s one of my favorites. I dig the catharsis, the heaviness of the track and the epic triple guitar solo. The overall message is pretty hopeful, but it definitely emerges from a not-so-happy place. It’s about needing that special someone to stand beside you during your darkest hours, giving you strength to pull out of the death spiral and start anew. Another thing I like about the song is that it perfectly captures the FuZZrd approach: our band is all about dark shadows, blinding light and the crazy, messed up places in-between.”
Prior, FuZZrd presented “Viral Connection” featuring a special guest appearance by Mark Slaughter on the recording and in the music video which can be screened here: http://bit.ly/3gl3A6NFuzzrdViral.  Around the release of the video, Petrusek shared, “Working with Mark on ‘Viral Connection’ was a total blast. He has such an iconic vocal sound. It’s both angelic and gritty at the same time. It’s uplifting yet heavy, which is kinda what FuZZrd is all about: darkness and light, and the haunted place in between.”  Slaughter stated, “I think the band is great, and it was a lot of fun working with them. They have a classic rock sensibility with a modern edge. It’s lean and it’s honest. They’re not chasing somebody else’s sound. They’re comfortable being right where they are. That’s where the best music comes from. It’s got to be in you. It’s got to reflect who you truly are.”  The first reveal was “Monster Carnival,” which can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/FuzzrdMonsterCarnival.

FuZZrd has announced initial touring plans for the near future. Appearances are planned on July 31 in Stillwater, MN at The Grand Banquet Hall; August 7th in Minnetonka, MN at Station Pizzeria where they’ll stage UnFuZZed, an all-acoustic set; November 5th in St. Michael, MN at Le Musique Room, and on November 20th in Turtle Lake, WI at St. Croix Casino. Petrusek reflects, “I feel so fortunate to have FuZZrd come together as band in the past year. It’s been a great ride crafting the songs and recording our upcoming album. Now we’re totally fired up to take the songs to other people, in person. Our first live appearance will be a totally pounding full throttle show with blazing guitars… as it should be.  We’ll be changing things up with our second performance in Minnetonka, MN. We’re doing an all acoustic, un-FuZZed set. I’m stoked to reinvent these songs for a more intimate setting. Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun hearing our big ass rock songs in their pure, rock-and-roll form. It’s a force of nature, like lava shooting out of a volcano. But we’re excited to see how the songs will resonate with an audience in a more intimate setting too. We think people will dig it!”
YOUTUBE CHANNELhttps://www.youtube.com/c/Fuzzrd

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