Interview: STEVE WHITEMAN (of KIX) Talks KIX and First Solo Album “YOU’RE WELCOME” and more

PHOTO CREDIT: Dante Martino

Lead singer and front man of KIXSteve Whiteman released his first solo album, “You’re Welcome”, on July 2, 2021 (order HERE).  The 12-song album was co-produced by Whiteman along with his trusted collaborators Brad Divens, Jimmy Chalfant, Dean Cramer, and Bob Paré; it was recorded and mixed by Divens at Fixintogetmixin Studio.

We reached and asked Steve a few questions and he took the time to get back to us. Check it out below:

Dante: Tell us how it felt to get back out on stage for the first time in over a year?

Steve: It felt amazing!

Dante: July 2 was a big day for you, not only did KIX Headline the first night of the M3 Rock Festival but you also released your first solo album “You’re Welcome”. Just wondering about your feels going into the day?

Steve: M3 is a huge event for us, the local loyal fans of over 40 years all come out to celebrate that one. We were all very excited to be back in front of the home crowd, Headlining!!!

Dante: Is KIX adding more shows this year?

Steve: Yes, a lot. Lots of make-up shows from 2020.

Dante: KIX is one of the best live bands I have ever seen. Whenever I talk music with people, KIX is always in the conversation. KIX puts on a high energy show. I have seen young bands just stand in one place and bore the shit out of people. Considering you guys have been doing this for so long, how do you guys keep that energy?

Steve: It is the way we have always approached every show. We try and take care of ourselves. We are very disciplined.

Dante: People are looking for things to do now that each state is opening back up. I know KIX is headed back to Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe PA on 8/20. For people who have not seen KIX live what can they expect?

Steve: A fun, highly energetic, Rock-N-Roll show!! Lots of dancing, lots of singing, lots of humor.

PHOTO CREDIT: Dante Martino

Dante: Will there ever be a live unplugged / acoustic KIX album?

Steve: Highly doubtful. This would mean sitting around, motionless, being boring.

Dante: Is there any chance of a Steve solo show or instore appearance to promote “You’re Welcome”

Steve: At this time, no. Too busy doing make-up shows from 2020, with KIX but never say never.

Dante: How did the album “You’re Welcome” come to be?

Steve: I was not planning a solo album. I wrote these songs over the past several years hoping some of them would make it to the next KIX album. With no new KIX album in site, I had the opportunity to record these 12 songs with Brad Divens, Jimmy Chalfant, Bob Pare and Dean Cramer.

Dante: Was “You’re Welcome” a group effort?

Steve: Yes, even though I wrote all the music, and played all the instruments on the demos, these guys came in and took it to another level.

Dante: From start to finish, how long did it take to make “You’re Welcome”?

Steve: The recording took about eight weeks?

Dante: Are there any left over songs that could see the light of day at some other time?

Steve: Yep, I have some other songs that are laying around that could pop up.

Dante: Is there anything you want to plug that I did not ask you about?

Steve: “You’re Welcome” can be down loaded from iTunes, Amazon and all streaming services. If you want to buy the CD go to This record would not have been possible without Brad Divens and Fixin To Get Mixin Studio.

Dante: Before we wrap this up is there anything with want to say to your fans?

Steve: Thank You!! And “You’re Welcome”.


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