Dead Romantic Present “Fight Me” in front of debut studio album VOICES coming September 3

Dead Romantic present the third reveal in front of the global release of the band’s debut studio album Voices coming September 3. The song, and accompanying music video for “Fight Me” 

Singer Dan Taylor shares, “This song is about hitting the pinnacle of the anger that you feel when someone has pushed you and pushed you until you explode. To the point where you can no longer be accountable for your actions. Like, you did this, you fucked with me for too long and I’m done. Let’s throw down. For the video, we went for a post-apocalyptic vibe, like everything has just exploded. The aim was to mirror how your world feels, and the mental state you’re in when you totally lose it.”

The band led with “Yesterday”, which has been viewed 1,555,409 times on YouTube and can be seen here:

The second song presented was “Kissed With A Lie,” which can be accessed here:

Views on YouTube are 1,598,459 as of today. On the streaming front, both songs have significant plays as the band builds global traction in to the release of Voices.

The forthcoming album, produced by the band’s guitarist Mike Krompass, was mastered by Ted Jensen. Krompass offers, “We’ve made the record we’ve always wanted to create. Completely unchained, raw, and filled with the best elements of everything we love about music. There’s a little bit of metal and lot of rock that we hope can connect with people around the globe.”

Dead Romantic are Dan Taylor (vocals), Mike Krompass (guitar / vocals), Chris Harrocks (bass), Dave Langguth (drums) and Sam Stoddard (keys / vocals).

The band Is appearing on July 28 in Blackpool at The Waterloo Music Bar and in London on April 8 at The Black Heart. Additional touring plans will be announced as they take shape.

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