Critically-acclaimed leading publisher of music graphic novels, Fantoons, is set to release their second Motörhead graphic book, the much-anticipated
Motörhead : The Rise of the Loudest Band in the World: The Authorized Graphic Novel (Fantoons/Simon & Schuster), available at book retailers nationwide. The graphic novel is available for preorder on Fantoons official site at a list price of $29.99. Fans who purchase in advance will receive a very Lemmy-inspired limited-edition decorative Cereal Box companion when the book releases on September 7, 2021. Link to preorder:
David and the Fantoons team captured Lem’s spirit and vibe perfectly, not to mention the overall spirit of what the band was all about. Their attention to detail was top notch, the art first class and the proof is in the final piece, which is splendid! Readers are sure to feel the raw grittiness that was the origins of Motörhead in each page.”  – Motörhead Team
Motörhead : The Rise of the Loudest Band in the World: The Authorized Graphic Novel is a posthumous celebration of one of rock’s most infamous frontman, Lemmy Kilmister, founder and creative juggernaut of Motörhead. The 144-page fully illustrated graphic novel chronicles the first part of the wild 40-year career of one of the most notorious and legendary characters in music history and Motörhead’s meteoric rise to becoming one of the most influential rock bands of all time.
From Lemmy’s early days working at a riding school in the English countryside, to the recording of the band’s iconic album and first major international success, Ace of Spades, this Motörhead graphic novel chronicles the extraordinary story of the famous frontman’s incredible journey as the leader of the “loudest band in the world.”
The graphic novel includes a foreword from Judas Priest front man, Rob Halford – fans will learn more about the band that heavily influenced well-known groups like Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Foo Fighters, and discover the fascinating tale of the legend himself, Lemmy Kilmister!

Born to Lose. Live to Win.
Global Merchandising Services are a music artist, celebrity, and brand merchandise company. Headquartered in London and Los Angeles, Global is a licensing powerhouse with best-in-class design, product development, manufacturing and direct-to-consumer sales. Global executes and delivers business through all channels of retail distribution, live events, web stores, pop-up stores, brand origination and development, sponsorship, endorsements, and third-party licensing. As the exclusive partner for its extensive roster of musical artists and brands, Global develops unique and innovative merchandise programs for its clients.  Winner of 7 Licensing Industry Awards, from best celebrity license programs to product awards, acknowledging Global’s expertise and ability to deliver on a worldwide basis for its clients.
Fantoons Animation Studios is a group of like-minded artists with a shared passion for animation, stories, and music. Founded by director David Calcano almost a decade ago, the vision for the studio was simple: create content surrounding music and tell compelling stories to celebrate it. Fantoons focuses on the artist’s personal stories whether on the road, in the studio, or their personal journey, using sequential storytelling in the form of graphic novels or animated content. Fantoons creative works have received acclaim from Rolling StoneThe GuardianPROG Magazine, and other notable press outlets. Fantoons recently celebrated their first Webby Award as a 2021 Honoree for Video Animation.

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