VELVETS Release New Single “Loved By You” Self-Titled Debut Album Coming September 24

Velvets have released a new single, titled ”Loved by You”. The Finnish rock n’ roll duo once again embraces the sweet and tender side of classic-sounding rock. Smooth guitar licks, warm melodies, and memorable lyrics set the mood of ”Loved by You”, a love song dedicated to one of the band members’ soon-to-be-wife.

Sami from the band comments on the single:
”This is the second song we did for Velvets and thus wanted it to be released as the second single. You can hear the influences of Cisse Häkkinen, the ultimate Finnish rock’n’roll hero, and the 50’s era rock in the song topped with a modern twist to it. The lyrics are for my soon-to-be wife. It’s a very personal song, but I also see it as a classic love song with a classic, relatable story. There’s a schlager touch to it and a feeling of a nightless night that we have here in Finland around midsummer.”
”Loved by You” is the second single leading up to Velvet’s debut, self-titled album. The album will be released on The Sign Records on September 24 on LP, CD, and digital format, and can be pre-ordered now. 

‘Velvets’ will be released on The Sign Records on September 24th. The album will be available on CD, vinyl, and all streaming platforms. 

Pre-order ‘Velvets’

VELVETS are an endless summer night dipped in a bucket of rock, blues, schlager and funk with a cool breeze coming at you from the south. All set in a timeless space, where the past, present, and future are fused into one. The songs will take you on a journey of love and longing, speeding on the highway and taking off to a place beyond the stars.
Velvets was born in January 2021, when the duo Sami and Sakke were desperately in need of creating new music. With too much time on their hands after finishing the second Rokets album, the Finnish band where the two first met each other as members. The first idea for Velvets was to write love songs and stick to them, kicking things off by listening to a lot of Moon Martin. 
The duo has previously toured Finland and the Baltic countries extensively with Rokets since August 2017, well known in Finland for their sweaty, energetic live shows. The band opened for Kaleidobolt in Helsinki for their album release party of their latest album “Bitter” and were the closing act of the first day of the Finnish festival Kill Sörnäinen in Helsinki. With two EP’s titled “Rokets” and “Speed & Sound” and the debut album “Fast Times”, released on digital and vinyl format in 2020/2021 under the belt the duo decided that it was time for a project of their own – Velvets. Besides Velvets and Rokets, Sakke has played in the hardcore band Locked Up and the country band Rusty Triggers. Sami shares the hardcore background, starting his musical career as the singer of heavy metal band United Seafood.
The band sounds like a session where Moon Martin, Hurriganes, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, and The Allman Brothers started experimenting on a new kind of sound that brought all the pieces together from the different styles of the sweet, sweet music we call rock n roll. This is not your average rough and tough, rowdy and raunchy boy band, with the testosterone levels going through the roof. This is Velvets; beautiful, meaningful songs with melodies born of warm memories and moments we’ve shared with someone we hold dear.


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