IRON LIZARDS Release New Single “Obey / Annihilate” – Debut Album ‘Hungry For Action’ Out September 17

Elio – Guitar & Vocals
Kevin – Drums
Valentin – Bass

Iron Lizards have released “Obey / Annihilate”, the second single leading up to their debut album ‘Hungry for Action’. The French power-trio combines raw, primitive rock n roll with 80’s hardcore into a tasty mixture of energetic, straightforward garage rock.

Fast, direct, and punchy, “Obey / Annihilate” captures the essence of Iron Lizards’ unfiltered sound. The single is out on all streaming platforms on August 6. Iron Lizards’ debut album ‘Hungry for Action’ will be released on The Sign Records on September 17th. The album is released on LP and CD, as well as digital format, and can be pre-ordered now.

Stream the single “Obey / Annihilate”:

‘Hungry for Action’ is available now for pre-order.

Pre-order ‘Hungry for Action’ via Bandcamp

Pre-order ‘Hungry for Action’ via Freight Train (Label Web-Shop)

No fucks given. No trends. Iron Lizards blast their guitars and make music alive once again. Raw riffs, and with no unnecessary shit in their songs. Straight on, no fuzz, and loud screaming guitars. Iron Lizards make you feel the wild and dangerous side of rock’n’roll. They make you remember the hazy days of the alternative ’90s. Combining the roughest part of music history, Iron Lizards are a true statement in this time and age. Be ready to testify, Iron Lizards will make your ear pukes of the loud and unfiltered joy of unsophisticated music.

Iron Lizards are a power-trio from Paris, France. The band was formed in 2015 by Elio with their goals already set; honoring the old gods of Detroit (MC5, The Stooges) whilst paying their homage to the 90’s action rock scene (The Hellacopters, Zeke, New Bomb Turks). This was then mixed with influences taken from everything from 60’s garage punk to 80’s punk hardcore (Zero Boys, Minor Threat, Gang Green) and psychobilly (The Cramps). Their first EP was released in 2016 by German JanML Records, following this with playing as the opening act for bands such as Get Dead, Zeke, Mammoth Mammoth, Sonic Wolves, The Hip Priests, and Christmas. In 2021 the band signed with Swedish The Sign Records to release their debut album: Hungry for Action.


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