Order of Perplexity Debut EP The Order Of The Fog Now Available For Purchase

Order Of The Fog is:
Al Smog The Fog – Guitar
Omar Groovy Timed Jones – Drums
Mike Order – Bass
Mikey – Bass

Hailing from Lodi New Jersey, Order of Perplexity is a Horror Themed Metal Hardcore Instrumental Band who recently released their debut EP “THE ORDER OF THE FOG” back in June of this year.

The Order Of The Fog consist of five tracks. Three of the tracks are brutal with a groove the other two are creepy synth tracks that fit well with the concept and theme of the band and The Order Of The Fog EP.

Order Of Perplexity’s EP The Order Of The Fog is definitely worth a listen.

To get more info I sent these guys a few questions

RN: How long has Order Of Perplexity been together?
OOP: Since 2017

RN: How did you guys get together?
OOP: Our drummer and bassist came from a original band we had called Dissolution so we started Order Of Perplexity after Dissolution.

RN: What was the inspiration behind being an Instrumental band?
OOP: Inspiration is that we are horror themed metal and only have some vox. It’s more our style of heavy music and adding in horror themes such as a horror movie with metal.

RN: How long did it take to record Order Of The Fog?
OOP: Only a few months.

RN: Where was it recorded at?
OOP: It was recorded at BTR Records Studios. It’s my studio.

RN: Who produced it?
OOP: Mike our bassist produced everything so the band members us we produced the whole EP.

RN: Have you played with any National Acts?
OOP: Yes, The Veer Union, Sapremia , Bound By The Grave , and others

RN: Where can people by hard copies of your CD’s?
OOP: They can buy hard copies on our bandcamp and or at our shows.

RN: How about other merch?
OOP: All new merch is coming soon we have Order Of Perplexity band shirts available at shows or web store.

For More Info Check Out:

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