DOCTOR SMOKE COVERS FASTWAY’S TRICK OR TREAT / Stream Halloween singles by Doctor Smoke and Salem’s Bend

Stream and download new DOCTOR SMOKE single “Trick Or Treat
Says frontman Matt Tluchowski: “This October marks the 35th Anniversary of “Trick or Treat”, one of the greatest underrated heavy metal horror films. In tribute, we offer up our rendition of the title track, originally performed by Fastway. Crank it up LOUD! Sammi Curr Lives!” 


 Stream and download new SALEM’S BEND single “No Blood In Bone
Says Salem’s Bend about their new single: “Last year I came across this really interesting and cool song called “There’s No Blood in Bone” by The Poppy Family, written by Terry Jacks.  It has a very classic psychedelic sound, which I dug a lot, and the lyrics are weird but totally cool, portraying a strange, kinda creepy story.  This somewhat obscure song seemed to be the perfect tune for the Halloween season, and ripe for covering, so we amped up the heaviness and creepiness factor in the instrumentals and recorded it onto my 4-track tape machine to capture a bit of that vintage sound.  Hope you enjoy our take on this spooky psych classic from 1969, dropped now for your Halloween listening enjoyment!



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