SKATENIGS -Legendary Industrial Punk Metal Band Release 6th Full Album Release – What Could Go Wrong?

Guest performances from members of FEAR, Circle Jerks, Joy Thieves, Lords of Acid, Pig,
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, King Co, Dwarves, KMFDM, Rob Zombie, Scum of the Earth, Junkyard, Big Boys, Philip Anselmo and the Illegals plus more.

AUSTIN, TX. – SKATENIGS, the long-running electro-thrashcore outfit led by singer Phil “Phildo” Owen, return to the musical stage with What Could Go Wrong?a collection of all new recordings released today on Armalyte Industries.

Featuring the current core SKATENIGS crew of Owen, Chris Ahrens and Adam Lamar on guitars, and live drummer/studio bassist Myke Bingham, whom Owen calls “a one-man rhythm section!,” the 13-track physical CD release will be followed by its digital 12-track streaming counterpart via Cleopatra Records on Halloween.

SKATENIGS was begun by Owen in Austin in 1988, running until 1995, followed by a brief reunion for a handful of shows in 2011. SKATENIGS were reactivated in 2016 for their self-released Adult Entertainment for Kids with all current members augmented by Big Boys/Poison 13/Junkyard legend Chris Gates. All of the tracks on What Could Go Wrong? were written and recorded, in fits and starts, during f*cking COVID. Among the highlights: A steroid-enhanced, turbo-charged, 30th anniversary “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness” remake/remix of the Revolting Cocks’ hit “Beers, Steers and Queers,” featuring Owen’s vocals. The new version of “BSAQ” is essentially the original version, with new guitar work and other instrumental contributions from SKATENIGS, plus some choice samples from Joe Exotic. “It’s gonna get Real Redneck”, promises Owen.

SKATENIGS released a video for What Could Go Wrong?’“Hell and Back Again” on October 8th, (Watch video here:, which featured guest performances by Riggs (former Rob Zombie guitarist) and Jason West on drums (former Murderdolls and Wednesday 13).

Holiday shopping? Tasteful new SKATENIGS merch can be found on, including the delightful and delectable, limited edition, “Hell and Back Again” habanero hot sauce.

A second single and video release for “We Can’t Have Nice Things” will drop on Black Friday, November 26th.

SKATENIGS: Phil Owen, Chris Ahrens, Myke Bingham and Adam Lamar

The core SKATENIGS quartet is augmented by a who’s who of punk/hardcore/metal/industrial heroes. Among the luminaries:
Bradley Bills- Chant
Mike Deleon- Philip H Anselmo and the Illegals
Pablo Flores- Worm Suicide
Chris Gates – Big Boys/Poison 13/Junkyard
Greg Hetson- Circle Jerks, Bad Religion
Charles Levi- Thrill Kill Kult
Dan Milligan – Joy Thieves
Riggs- Rob Zombie, Scum of the Earth
Andy Selway – Dwarves, KMFDM
David Skar Carpenter- Circle Burn/Snow Black
Cesar Soto- Ministry
Spit Stix- FEAR
Galen Waling- Pig/Lords of Acid
Jason West – Wednesday 13, Creed Fisher

What Could Go Wrong – Track listing:
Hell and Back Again (Owen) – *Jason West (drums), Riggs Riggs (guitar)
We Can’t Have Nice Things (Owen) – *Dan Milligan (drums), Chris Gates (guitar)
PTSTD (Ahrens, Owen) – *Dan Milligan (drums), Chris Gates (guitar), Jennifer Omelianoff (bkgd vox), Hillary Tory (bkgd vox)
Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (Ahrens, Gates, Owen) – *Chris Gates (guitar), Galen Waling (drums), Dan Milligan (drums)
Here We Go Again (Lamar,Owen) – *Galen Waling (drums), Hillary Tory (bkgd vox)
Blood Money (Lamar,Owen) – *Cesar Soto (guitar)
Burn This Motherfucker to the God Damned Ground (Carpenter, Owen) – *David Skar Carpenter (guitar/keys), Dan Milligan (drums)
Get Out of Me (Ahrens, Owen) – *Andy Selway (drums), Dan Milligan (drums), Chris Gates (guitar)
What Could Go Wrong? (Ahrens, Lamar, Owen) – *Bradley Bills (drums)
We Are in this Shit Together (Lamar, Owen) – *King Co (2nd verse), George Savage (hype man), Charles Levi (bkgd vox)
Erase Today (Ahrens, Gates, Lamar, Owen) – *Pablo Flores (bkgd vox), Spit Stix (drums), Chris Gates (guitar) Greg Hetson (guitar)
Beers Steers and Queers– Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Mix (Owen, Jourgensen,
Van Acker, Rieflin, Barker, Connelly) – *Metal Mike Deleon (guitar), Bradley Bills (drums)
Guided Meditation for Murder (Ahrens,Owen)

*Denotes guest appearance

Produced by Phil Owen and Chris Ahrens for Skatenigs Sound System
Recorded at: Mosaic Sound Collective
Recording engineer: Chris Ahrens 
Mixed at: Space ATX 
Mixing engineer: Tim Gerron
Mastering engineer: Jules Seifert
Artwork: Obsolete Industries


From their Austin beginnings in 1988, electro-thrashcore heroes SKATENIGS – led by long-standing founder/singer Phil “Phildo” Owen – has been the loud, noisy voice of hedonistic rebellion. They’ve stood at the nexus of outlaw culture for over 30 years now: Punk, hardcore, metal, industrial, hip hop and the reddest-necked country – it’s all been grist for their grinder. It’s how Owen got headhunted for Ministry mainman Al Jourgensen’s rowdy party band Revolting Cocks, leading to absorption into the sprawling Wax Trax Records empire and the creation of such classics as “Chemical Imbalance” and “Beers, Steers and Queers.” Following their relocation to Austin, TX. in the early ‘90s, and a migration to Megaforce Records, came crucial debut album Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed. After a lengthy hiatus, which saw scattered Phil Owen side projects such as Choreboy and the occasional SKATENIGS reunion, our heroes reemerged in 21st century form with 2016’s Adult Entertainment For Kids. 2021 sees the fifth SKATENIGS LP, What Could Go Wrong? on Armalyte Industries. Among the highlights: A steroid-enhanced, turbo-charged, 30th anniversary “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness” remake/remix of “Beers, Steers and Queers,” the Revolting Cocks hit featuring Owen’s vocals. The new version of “BSAQ” is essentially the original version, with new guitar work and other instrumental contributions from SKATENIGS, plus some choice samples from Joe Exotic. “It’s gonna get real redneck,” promises Owen. The sprawling cast of special guests includes longtime cohort Chris Gates, of Austin punk legends Big Boys; Fear drummer Spit Stix; Worm Suicide singer Pablo Flores; Circle Jerks/Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson; and various and sundry members of Dwarves, KMFDM, Rob Zombie, Lords Of Acid, Ministry, and Thrill Kill Kult. What Could Go Wrong?: The latest installment of SKATENIGS’ bid to make life more liveable.


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