FuZZrd Release Debut Studio Album “NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE” Out Now / Also New Music Video for “Pins And Needles”

FuZZrd is Brett Petrusek (Lead Vocals / Guitars), Robert Berg (Bass / Background Vocals), Eric Fairchild (Background Vocals / Guitars) and Scott Savage (Drums).
FuZZrd release the band’s debut studio album titled NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE.  The band will celebrate the occasion with a performance, December 11, at the The Southern Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. Tickets can be purchased by visiting https://southerntheater.org/.  The band has presented a new music video for “Pins And Needles.” FuZZrd guitarist and vocalist Brett Petrusek shares, “The song is a personal favorite. Lyrically, it’s about loss and the overwhelming feeling of anxiety that can often ensue. If you’ve ever felt so wound up that your skin is crawling you may relate.  For me, it’s sonically intriguing, it’s mysterious and the chorus hits just right.  It’s wickedly fun to play on guitar, too!” 
Petrusek reflects, “I’m so very proud of what we have accomplished this past year. It’s gratifying to see and hearthe album in its completed form. It’s a powerhouse and definitely fits in the category of ‘album I’ve always wanted to make’.  The chemistry with our producer Jeremy Tappero continued to flourish and we all grew as musicians. I love the songs and sound we’ve created.  It’s fresh, and new, and noticeably doesn’t chase trends.  It stays true to its heavy rock roots. It’s so awesome to be a part of FuZZrd coming to life, playing live shows, and sharing our music. The whole of what we have created is truly rewarding. I’m totally grateful to have this group.” 
Bassist and background vocalist Robert Berg states, “Substance of structure.  A collection of songs that in my view captures what’s truly important for fans of multigenerational hard rock. I love the upfront guitars and inspired solos. There’s a maturity in vocal melodies that catapults the meaningful lyrical content. It was inspiring to witness.  Every member brought what was necessary; when necessary. I believe we just barely dipped our toes into what’s possible with our current guitar duo’s musical chemistry.  Special, special, special thanks to Producer Jeremy Tappero. I tell him all the time that my favorite moments in life are sitting in the chair next to him and laying it down. He’s a true mentor who seemingly always knows what’s right for the band.  Brett is quite forward thinking and never short of ideas. FuZZrd will build on the experience and continue to make the rock pound.”
Guitarist and background vocalist Eric Fairchild offers, “Discovering the chemistry and camaraderie of FuZZrd has been the highlight of a truly chaotic year and a half. Being able to connect and collaborate on new music has been so fulfilling. I’m really proud of the work we’ve put in, and the album that has emerged as a result. The songs on Near Life Experience have been able to capture so many feelings that have been otherwise difficult to express. Plus, it’s always fun to tear it up on the guitar! I’m thrilled to get these songs in front of audiences, and continue to build on what we’ve started.” 
Drummer Scott Savage adds, “I could not be happier with the new record; and it could not have happened without everyone’s dedication and hard work.  It’s so gratifying to have this finished product and be able to share with everyone!  I’m so proud of my band mates and what we have accomplished.  We are definitely fired up about what the future holds for us!”
Over the course of the past year, the band has steadily presented repertoire from this body of work. The most recent track revealed was “Out On a Limb,” which can be heard and seen here: https://bit.ly/FuZZrd_OutOnALimb.  Prior, FuZZrd presented “Life Turned Black” which can be screened and heard here:  https://bit.ly/FuZZrdLifeTurnedBlack.  This followed the reveal of “Viral Connection” featuring a special guest appearance by Mark Slaughter on the recording and in the music video (http://bit.ly/3gl3A6NFuzzrdViral).  At the time, Petrusek shared, “Working with Mark on ‘Viral Connection’ was a total blast. He has such an iconic vocal sound. It’s both angelic and gritty at the same time. It’s uplifting yet heavy, which is kinda what FuZZrd is all about: darkness and light, and the haunted place in between.”  Slaughter offered, “I think the band is great, and it was a lot of fun working with them. They have a classic rock sensibility with a modern edge. It’s lean and it’s honest. They’re not chasing somebody else’s sound. They’re comfortable being right where they are. That’s where the best music comes from. It’s got to be in you. It’s got to reflect who you truly are.”  The first offering from the debut was “Monster Carnival,” which can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/FuzzrdMonsterCarnival.
YOUTUBE CHANNELhttps://www.youtube.com/c/Fuzzrd

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