Philly-based Hard Rock Trio Born Lost  Announce Explosive New Single – MOUTHPIECE

You could say the foundation of Born Lost was laid in the 80’s; before front-man Lou Cuello could even hold a guitar in his hands. His mother – a singer in the famed punk band  The Stray Cats- made it her mission to ensure that Cuello knew that regardless of the obstacles life threw at their family, there was always music to ignite their inner fire and keep them driven. After  his mother passed five years ago, Cuello fell  on dark times,  but she had made it her wish that her son would use music to change his life around. After  a hiatus from music, erupting from the flames of heartache and pain, came the birth of no-nonsense rock band, Born Lost. Now, the band welcome their single “Mouthpiece,” via Revolver Records, from their forthcoming EP All In,  due out later this year.

With songs telling tales of marginalization, his complete lack of control and not knowing how to get out , the songs are also an empowering symbol  of hope, encouraging listeners that if Cuello could escape hell, so could they. Cuello states, “Fueled by a fury of exploding guitars and energetic vocals, “Mouthpiece” is a sexy Rock n Roll anthem that takes you on a journey of love and devotion. The single will build on the momentum of our previous Spotify official playlist placements and will air on ALT 104.5 and various blogs and online radio. With masterful solos and endless energy, we hope to take you to Rock n Roll heaven!”

Cuello put together Born Lost in November of 2020, after nearly a 5 year hiatus from music and COVID lockdown.  Along with Matt Ciliberto  (drums) and Kyle Baker (bass), it became obvious that something very special was happening. The goal was to form something totally original that also paid homage to those who paved the way. In a Philadelphia rock scene which was littered with “70’s copycats” and “Sabbath wannabes” his goal was to bring something fresh and new to the city of brotherly love. With a year ahead packed with shows and a tour being shaped up for next Spring.

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