DAMPF Has Arrived – Listen To New Single – The Other Side

DAMPF Release New Single “The Other Side”

New Album ‘The Arrival’ Coming June 3rd, 2022

”What is DAMPF?” you may ask. ”Who and what is behind these huge riffs, brutal metal, and catchy choruses?” 

DAMPF is a supergroup of heavy metal royalty led by the almighty A-tron, whom you may know from his career as Martin ”E-Type” Erikson. 

Many years ago, Martin had an idea to combine the power of dark metal and pop melodies. But it wasn’t until recently, when he was given a written assignment by Eye to write the songs for 3 albums in this spirit, that he realized that the time for this dream had arrived. 

Martin gathered his most talented musician friends, and they have now completed their first single to make their message audible: the future is not history-less and the dead are not gone.

”Our new single, ‘The Other Side’, is about reconnecting and socializing with those who are no longer alive. In ancient times, the dead and the memory of the dead were treated in a more vivid way. You saw them in nature, in the clouds of heaven and the flames of an open fire. The dead were absent but not gone. Everyone has seen a ghost but no one has been beaten by one. They just look scary, are interesting and usually kind. Let them know that you believe in them. When you feel the other side – reach out. Let them know that you’re there. And the great thing is that this song can be sung by both sides.” Martin says.

He continues”I had missed making new music for many years. A new song of E-type must be better than my old ones, which is so challenging that nothing was written at all. But when I received the letter from Eye, I was really happy and thought that now I can create something new that no one can compare with anything else. Not old or new, just simply DAMPF. I’ve been longing for distorted guitars since ‘Back in the Loop’ and ‘Free like a Flying Demon”, and now it’s time. Although, the joy is obviously obscured by an inexplicable war in Europe. It’s very sad, but the world needs new, strengthening music.”  

On ”The Other Side”DAMPF got a little extra juice from some friends: 

”For ‘The Other Side’, we had the pleasure of being joined by my old friend and the eminent bassist in Bathory from the first wave of Black Metal, and my new friend, the incomparable lead guitarist Tommy Johansson from the great Sabaton.” 

The amazing new video was made by Ted Lindén & A-tron

The new album, ‘The Arrival’, will see a June 3rd, 2022 release via Gramaphone Records. The pre-order is available starting today

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