Electro Wave Sorcerers PRIEST, Featuring Former Members Of GHOST, Release Their Long-Awaited New Album BODY MACHINE + Cinematic Video For NIGHTCRAWLER

The only thing louder than the buzz of anticipation surrounding the release of the brand-new studio album from dark wave act PRIEST is the overdriven synths and throbbing basslines of the band’s superb “Nightcrawler,” the fourth single from the group’s epic release BODY MACHINE, which is released today on all formats. The song is, at first blush, diametrically opposed to the theatrical ‘80s metal performed by their forebear, the Grammy-award winning metal act GHOST: a seedy nightclub-ready dance track that trades distorted guitars for industrial strength synths and retro metal theatrics for futuristic cyberpunk thrills. But a closer listen, and a glimpse of the fantastic music video for the track, shows the dark underbelly of PRIEST’s music that ravers and wraiths alike can enjoy.

The video for “Nightcrawler” is PRIEST’s most cinematic vision to date, portraying a night in the life of the titular thrill-seeker who finds himself in the establishment of the mysterious Mercury (PRIEST vocalist). A variety of pleasures await our afterhours traveler – leather clad eroticism, S&M delights, ecstasy-inducing drugs – “What do you wanna try tonight?” A deal is made and soon the Nightcrawler finds himself with perhaps a bit more titillation than he can handle. 

BODY MACHINE is available now on all formats – CD, vinyl, and digital. The album is produced by Simon Söderberg, another GHOST alumni, and is the band’s first album in partnership with L.A.-based indie label Cleopatra Records. 

Order the CD/vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/?s=priest+body+machine&post_type=product
Download/stream the Digital: https://orcd.co/priest_body_machine
Watch the video for TECHNO GIRL: https://youtu.be/8TGn1Vim_58
Watch the video for A SIGNAL IN THE NOISE: https://youtu.be/ombPL0ODatY

Track List:
1. A Signal In The Noise
2. Ghost Writer
3. Hell Awaits
4. Phantom Pain
5. Blacklisted
6. Perfect Body Machine
7. Techno Girl
8. Crystalline Lace
9. Nightcrawler
10. Keep On Burning

For more info:


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