Electric Jaguar Baby: new album + video announced

Paris psycho-fuzz duo ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY unleash their brand new video for “Hitmaker”, taken from their upcoming new album “Psychic Death Safari”, due out October 7th on Rebel Waves Records.

Ripple Music is stoked to bring the incredible fuzz-worshipping French duo ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY into the family through their garage/psych-rock imprint Rebel Waves Records. After three EPs and a 2019 debut full-length, the band’s 2020 tour got cut short when the world was put on hold. Locked down with all that built-up momentum, the band had no choice but to write new material until live music once again became a part of reality.

ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY “Psychic Death Safari”
Out October 7th on Rebel Waves Records

1. Hitmaker
2. Flashlight
3. Shiver River
4. Sundaze
5. Hellcome
6. Never Enough
7. Jaguar’s Boogie
8. Slinky Shadows
9. New Roar
10. Lazarus
11. Cannibal Animal
12. Magik Queen
13. Sundaze (bonus track)

The French duo has been relentlessly praising at the altar of fuzz, offering anthems born from a g*ng-b*ng with Ty Segall, Josh Homme, Jack White and Ozzy Osbourne, sprinkled with retro and occult 70’s vibes. Kitschy shirts and a Big Muff (volume on 11) are enough the fire up the stage, their favorite playground: 7 European tours in five years, with groups like Go!Zilla, Black Rainbows, You said strange, the Butcherettes, ZigZags, Death Valley Girls, & L.A Witch. Their 100% DIY ethos and 3 EPs took them to their first album, which bares their name. After a year of recording and relentless work, it saw the light in October 2019 through Slice Of Wax Record, with guest vocals from Bonnie Bloomgarden (Death Valley Girls) and Gabriel Ravera (Mephistofeles).

After a 2020 European tour put on hold by “you-know-what”, ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY worked on new songs and resume all shows in 2021. The band recently joined the Ripple Music family and will put a new LP in 2022 through garage/-psych imprint Rebel Waves Records.ELECTRIC JAGUAR BABY links



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