Charlie Benante from ANTHRAX Takes Over Three Sides of the Coin Radio and Blackie Lawless Talks with the Podcast

Three Sides of the Coin 
Radio announces that Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante takes over the station and programs it with all his favorite KISS songs. To access Three Sides of the Coin Radio visit or just ask your Amazon Alexa device…

“Alexa, Launch Three Sides of the Coin Radio!”

Not content with being just a podcast, Three Sides of the Coin Radio is also a radio show streaming 24/7/365 playing nothing but KISS music! We, along with special guests, program the show, pick the songs. Some give you a KISS special once a year. Others give you a KISS special for a couple weeks…. Three Sides of the Coin Radio gives KISS music 24/7/365! To listen to Three Sides of the Coin Radio you will need a Amazon Alexa smart speaker, a FireTV or the free Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. Three Sides of the Coin Radio is brought to you by Michael Brandvold Marketing and Voxprotocol, the global leader in voice app entertainment!

Three Sides of the Coin the podcast is excited to have Blackie Lawless from W.A.S.P. sit down with the show. Blackie Lawless talks about his friendship with Ace Frehley… when they first met, did Ace Frehley produce early W.A.S.P. demos, inviting Ace Frehley and Bill Aucoin to a early W.A.S.P. show, did Bill Aucoin almost manage W.A.S.P.. Blackie also talks about working for Boutwell in the mid-70s, printing and shipping KISS posters. Blackie shares a story from touring with KISS and speaking with Gene Simmons. Blackie remembers the conversation he had the first time he met Paul Stanley. And… Blackie Lawless talks about the upcoming 40th Anniversary W.A.S.P. World Tour… the set list, will he play Animal F**K Like A Beast, what is the stage going to be like. This was a fabulous conversation with Blackie Lawless! To listen to the Three Sides of the Coin podcast with Blackie Lawless visit

About Three Sides of the Coin:

Since launching in 2012 Three Sides of the Coin has been viewed or listened to over 7,500,000 times. Three Sides of the Coin has been joined by special guests including Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Ace Frehley, Bruce Kulick, Vinnie Vincent, Rob Halford, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Dennis DeYoung, Buck Dharma, Lydia Criss, Eddie Trunk, WWE/AEW Superstar and lead singer of Fozzy Chris Jericho, Angel lead guitarist Punky Meadows, Five Finger Death Punch members Jason Hook and Jeremy Spencer, Vinnie Vincent Invasion and Slaughter lead singer Mark Slaughter, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider and Jay Jay French, comedian Craig Gass, KISS’ former business manager Chris Lendt, KISS art director Dennis Woloch, Head of KISS Security Big John Harte, the Black Veil Brides Andy Biersack, Ron Keel, Frank Munoz associate producer for Ace Frehley’s Anomaly album, award-winning songwriter Adam Mitchell, Ed Kanon (Peter Criss’ drum tech), Kevin Valentine (drummer on KISS’ Psycho Circus album) and many, many more.

In the early ’90s, Michael Brandvold launched the fifth ever website on the Internet devoted to KISS, KISS Otaku. He built, launched and maintained (KISS’ official web presence). He now owns Michael Brandvold Marketing, providing marketing services and digital strategy to musicians. Tommy Sommers spent 15 years on the record show circuit collecting, trading and selling memorabilia / Kiss merchandise. He is now a successful residential Real Estate agent in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Tommy has also produced a KISS song For The Oddfathers and is the owner of Rock Steady Digital Photography. Mark Cicchini, is a world-renown KISS collector. KISS has used parts of Mark’s vast KISS collection for audio, video & print materials including their book NOTHIN TO LOSE, CD re-release of the LOVE GUN album & the VH1 Ultimate Album KISS ALIVE! special as well as many other KISS projects. His wife also makes a mean meatloaf! Lisa Martini has been a KISS fan, almost since birth, thanks to her older brother introducing her to KISS in 1974! Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Lisa Martini has extensive experience in the music industry, from radio to production to merchandising, and also holds a degree in audio engineering. Over the years she’s worked at many KISS Expos. starting at the New York Expos in the mid-’90s to the present day. She’s been fortunate enough to have been part of many outstanding KISS moments, such as helping to launch the KISS fragrance and accompanying them to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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