SHOW REVIEW: The Bay Area Strikes Back Tour featuring Testament, Exodus & Death Angel – Stroudsburg PA. Friday Sept 23rd, The Sherman Theater

The Bay Area Strikes Back Tour featuring Testament, Exodus & Death Angel stormed through the Poconos Friday September 23rd playing The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg PA.

The show attracted an good size crowd of die hard thrash metal fans considering, one of The Big Four “Megadeth” was opening for “Five Finger Death Punch” just miles away at the area’s amphitheater.


OK on with The Good, Bad and Horrific. None of that here, just absolutely phenomenal. And I’ll say it. Death Angel killed it. Death Angel opened the show and set the bar and tone for the entire night.

The band open with the title track from 1987’s The Ultra Violence followed by Mistress Of Pain and Voracious Souls, all from the same album followed by  Seemingly Endless Time from 1990’s Act III. Lead singer Mark Osegueda stopped to address the crowd to thank the crowd for being there and to let them know “We are Death Angel and we play Thrash Fucking Metal” and everyone went nuts. I think from that point on bodies just started surfing over the guard rail and the circle pit was non stop for the rest of the night.

To be honest if Death Angel was the only band that performed I would have went home happy.


But then there was Exodus, who opened with The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves). And the crowd was ready. Vocalist Steve Zetro Souza was on fire from the very  beginning. Second song up was A Lesson In Violence followed by Blood In Blood Out.

The band played 11 songs in total including Deathamphetamine, Blacklist, Bonded By Blood and The Toxic Waltz

Exodus was simply brutal. AND I HAVE TO MENTION…..It was inspiring to watch Drummer Tom Hunting play. The guy just got over a life changing illness and he came back to play in one of the most physically challenging music genre’s there is. He is a true master at his craft. And the heath issues he faced did not seem to slow his game down at all.


Testament was next opening with Rise Up from the Dark Roots Of The Earth album. The title track from 1988’s The New Order and The Pale King from 2016’s Brotherhood Of the Snake.

Testament can do no wrong. If you’re a fan, you know what I mean. These guys are always tight and on point.

Vocalist and The G.O.A.T. of Air Guitar Chuck Billy brings it every time he hits the stage. Bassist Steve DiGiorgio is just a flawless monster.  Drummer Dave Lombardo who needs no introduction makes playing the drums look easy.  ( and then you try playing the drums and think back “oh yeah he makes it look easy because he’s Dave Lombardo. Ok I’ll stop now”) And you have two guitar gods in this band. Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick. No more needs to be said.


Testament went on to play 14 songs from 9 different albums. It was a great setlist. Keep in mind Testament has 14 albums, Exodus has 12 albums and Death Angel have 9 albums. So making everyone happy with a setlist is going to be next to impossible.

The Bay Area Strikes Back Tour features three legendary Thrash Metal bands that no one should ever miss, and to have them on one bill is just mind blowing.

This was my second time seeing this Tour this year. The first time was in Philly, and it only got better.


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