HELD HOSTAGE, with Tim “Ripper” Owens, to Help Raise Funds for Kentucky Flood Victoms at O.A.K. Operation Appalachian Kentucky – For Children Affected By The Eastern Kentucky Flood 2022

 On July 26th. – 30th., 2022, Eastern Kentucky was annihilated by historic floods. On October 29, 2022 at 7PM Eastern At the Hal Rogers Forum located in Hazard, Kentucky Held Hostage, along with special guest vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens will be performing at Operation Appalachian Kids (For Children Affected By The Eastern Kentucky Floods). Many children and their families were displaced and lost everything in this horrific disaster. Blastzone Mike & Joseph Hedge both lifelong residents of Eastern Kentucky witnessed the tragic devastation first hand. They decided to do something about this to help the children of eastern Kentucky and organized this benefit concert. They will be using all profits after expenses to do a huge Christmas party with gifts, stockings, and food for the kids of the floods of 2022.

Tickets can be purchase at: http://operation-appalachian-kentucky.ticketleap.com/concert-for-flood-relief/

Blastzone Mike a well-known podcaster (Blastzone Mike’s Incredible Show on YouTube and ROKU) from Eastern Kentucky interviewed Tom Collier from the Rock Band Held Hostage. The two instantly bonded as friends and kept in touch. When Blastzone Mike reached out to Tom, because, he knew the history of Tom and his band Held Hostage dubbed “Americas Band”, had for helping people in need. Held Hostage over the years has raised over a million dollars to help families in need, veterans, people who lost their homes. Tom immediately said yes. The new Held Hostage record Great American Rock has been on the Billboard BDS main stream rock charts for over 12 weeks and counting. The album featured Tim Ripper Owens as special guest vocalist. Ripper Owens storybook life from cover band/full time sales man to singing for Judas Priest one of the premiere metal bands in the world became the inspiration for movie Rock Star, starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Anniston based loosely on the true life story of Tim Ripper Owens. Ripper has agreed to come and be the guest singer with National recording artist Held Hostage to help the children. Ripper Owens who is touring the world will be doing a one time show in Eastern Kentucky to help raise monies for the children.

Held Hostage recently released their new video for the song “RISE (stop suicide of all ages) with Special Guests Vocalist Tim Ripper Owens”. This video is very important to Tom Collier, “Rise is very near and dear to my heart. The story behind Rise is Held Hostage has had a few former members commit suicide. I think everyone in this world has been affected by suicide either directly or indirectly. When I found out they had taken their own life’s it was very troubling to me. I thought to myself, why would someone do that. I was sitting home one night thinking about those guys and watching the TV and seeing what an epidemic suicide had become for all ages. Young kids’ adults’ elderly people, people of all ages and from all walks of life. Suicide doesn’t discriminate against who it affects. Rise is a song of hope and inspiration. I have said all along I do not care if I make any money on the song. If I can help one-person choose to “live” because of my song. I will consider the song to have gone multi-platinum.”


Held Hostage is:

Tom Collier – lead guitar/lead vocals
Scott Gregg – rhythm guitarist/backup vocals
Jeff Murray – drums
Dave Carrol – bass /backup vocals


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