DieHumane Premieres “Oblivion” at Revolver 

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DieHumane is releasing its debut album The Grotesque on May 5, 2023, in partnership with Ulrich Wild‘s label WURMgroup and The Oracle Management, the management company of Coal Chamber/DevilDriver frontman, Dez Fafara (and his wife Anahstasia who’s the CEO). The album was completed in 2022 and will feature 10 original compositions. The Grotesque was produced and mixed by legendary producer, Ulrich Wild, who shares,I’m incredibly excited and honored to be part of DieHumane’s debut album. I’m always interested in artists who create their own genre-defying brand of music, and DieHumane did just that with TheGrotesque. Their music is incredibly dynamic, and goes from hauntingly beautiful to absolute destruction with everything in between. A true musical journey.”

Dez Fafara adds, “When I heard the record for the first time I immediately restarted it for the second time. This is one of the most unique musical offerings in metal at this point, completely its own sound ,lush and unforgiving in artistry. There will be big things on the horizon once the public gets attached to this band ! Oracle is proud to represent DieHumane.” 

Watch “Oblivion” at Revolver here:  


DieHumane‘s members also share their thoughts about “Oblivion”:

“‘Oblivion’ is our take on a song that’s been written a thousand times; self-loathing, the lack of will to push forward, and isolation. It was one of the first songs written for this project at the end of 2020 and was the track that got the party started. This is the quintessential DieHumane song; weird, moody, abstract, and heavy.” – Joshua Vargas (Bass, Rhythm Guitars, Piano, Programming)

“What started as a simple hobby file sharing project between friends culminates in the moment we have all been waiting for. Finally, we can answer the question on what we sound like. The track is such a broad scope of our abilities and it was the obvious first choice to put on display as a single.”

– Garret West (Vocals)

“After years of hard work and impatiently waiting, I am thrilled to finally release some music. I honestly can’t wait to see what the response to this is. What we have been listening to for roughly two years in its various stages, the world can finally hear.” – Greg Hilligiest (Keys, Programming, additional Guitars)

“After a lot of hurdles and preparation, we are finally ready to release. I have been blessed to be given an opportunity to play with a bunch of very talented guys and cannot wait for the world to experience a fresh twist on the metal genre.” – Rick Hunolt (Lead Guitars)

“The first moment I heard the rough track of ‘Oblivion’, I was hooked. I knew I was going to create some killer drums for this song. I’m very excited for it to be coming out. I’d like to thank Oracle Management, Wurmgroup, and all the fans around the world that are going to enjoy this track.”

– Sal Abruscato (Drums)

Buy “Oblivion” single here: https://bstlnk.to/oblivion

Pre-order The Grotesque album here: https://bit.ly/DieHumane-Pre-Order

DieHumane was founded in Galveston, Texas at the end of 2020 by Joshua Vargas and Greg Hilligiest as a way to deal with the loss and isolation of that year. From there it snowballed into something massive, with Garret West (former vocalist of Anova Skyway) being recruited on vocals, Rick Hunolt (former Exodus guitarist) being recruited as the lead guitarist, and Sal Abruscato (former Type O Negative/Life Of Agony drummer, as well as chief musician in A Pale Horse Named Death) being recruited on drums. 

DieHumane is a band that swims about as far away from the other fish as it gets. Combining elements of doom metal, jazz, industrial, blues, and prog. Imagine if Celtic Frost got into a car crash with A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, and Type O Negative while listening to Pink Floyd on the radio. DieHumane is heavily rooted in mood and atmosphere, from the brooding to the cathartic, from the hopeless to hopeful. Love them or hate them, it’s a musical ride that you can only get from them. 

DieHumane is: 

Garret West – Vocals

Rick Hunolt – Lead Guitars

Joshua Vargas – Bass, Rhythm Guitars, Piano, Programming

Greg Hilligiest – Keys, Programming, additional Guitars

Sal Abruscato – Drums

About DieHumane:

Rick Hunolt: A former member of the pioneering thrash metal band Exodus, Rick is one half of the legendary “H-team” featuring him and Gary Holt. Rick eventually stepped back from Exodus in the early 2000’s to raise his kids and makes his return to music with DieHumane

Garret West: A man of many talents, such as an actor, musician, and stand up comic, Garret is a versatile vocalist and the original singer for the up-and-coming prog band, Anova Skyway

Joshua Vargas: A filmmaker, documentarian, and music video director who has worked on videos for bands/artists such as David Vincent (of Morbid Angel/Vltimas,) Down, Goblin, Skinlab, SOiL, Leonard Cohen, and many more.  

Greg Hilligiest: A multi-instrumentalist and electronics wizard, Greg is the kind of guy that could write you a beautiful song, as well as program your stereo to eat you. 

Sal Abruscato: Founding member and former drummer of the legendary goth metal band, Type O Negative, as well as the former drummer for Life Of AgonySal also fronted and was the main songwriter for the doom metal band A Pale Horse Named Death. There’s not much to say that his mark on metal music doesn’t say for itself. In DieHumaneSal returns to the drum kit and brings the Italian thunder! 

From the band: 
Rick Hunolt: “TBH being in a band wasn’t even on my mind at the time a dear friend called me and said hey “I know these guys looking for a guitar player.” He sent me some raw tracks and I listened for about a month before I replied and it was the music that I was looking for. It gave me the ability to express myself musically and even more important was radically different than anything I have ever played! Music needs “different ” in order to evolve, so much talent in this band and I can’t wait for you to experience DieHumane.” 

Sal Abruscato:  “I am looking forward to the release of this very different and unique album I had the pleasure writing/performing the drum tracks for. It’s different from what I have done in the past and it’s been fantastic to be a part of it with everyone in the band, Ulrich Wild/Wurmgroup and The Oracle Management! I feel folks will be blown away!”

Garret West: “I grew up listening to Sal and Rick. Then, Dez took us into his flock with The Oracle and Ulrich (a powerhouse responsible for many of my favorite records) made it his mission to make us sound pristine. What we have here is something special. I just hope people find it as special as we do.”

Greg Hilligiest: “I want to thank Ulrich and Dez both for taking interest in us and helping us get it out there. I’m just happy to finally get it out to people’s ears.  We’ve been hearing this album in many different forms for two years now, it’s time to let everybody else in the world hear it as it is meant to be heard. I hope you all like it as much as we do.”

Joshua Vargas – “Typically the formation of a project and subsequent creation of an album marks the beginning of something, whereas this one starts with the end, and actually ends with the beginning of something. All of these songs began as a way of dealing with complete and total isolation in 2020 and the loss of what life was before that year, and ends marking the beginning of something awesome, and the album sounds like exactly that. Recording began in a dingy townhome in Galveston, Texas and ended in fucking Hollywood. The musical journey we all took on this album is something I wouldn’t trade for world. Big thanks to Ulrich Wild (WURMgroup) and Dez Fafara (The Oracle Management) for going on this crazy journey with us. I’m so happy with this album that I don’t even care if anyone hates it.” 
DieHumane online:
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/diehumane
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/diehumane
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/diehumaneband

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