Electro Wave Devotees PRIEST, Featuring Former Members Of GHOST, Cover The Holiest Of Holy Electronic Bands, DEPECHE MODE

Following up on their hugely popular, first ever US tour last October in support of their magnificent studio album BODY MACHINE, dark wave wizards PRIEST are back with a brand-new single that befits both their sound and image. “PERSONAL JESUS” ranks as one of the most popular songs by British godfathers of electro DEPECHE MODE from that group’s best-selling massively influential 1990 VIOLATOR album. The song not only became a wildly popular radio hit upon its release, it has endured through the years with cover versions by everyone from Johnny Cash to Marilyn Manson.

On this new version, PRIEST vocalist MERCURY sinks his teeth into the song’s monotoned lyrics while the band converts the song’s signature twangy guitar riff into a deliciously distorted keyboard line that amps up the ominous sex appeal. The band declares that “PERSONAL JESUS” is “one of those timeless tracks that seem to always have been there. When we got the chance to cover a Depeche Mode song we got a bit sweaty – how should you even approach it? We took away the guitar, most iconic part of the song and replaced it with a Moog synthesizer! It resulted in a more gritty, hard hitting version. This is a homage to the band I think have influenced us the most.”

Stream/download the single: https://orcd.co/priest_personaljesus

PRIEST’s cover is the first song to be released from the forthcoming Depeche Mode tribute album, All I Ever Wanted – A Tribute To Depeche Mode, which will feature tracks even more incredible covers by LEBANON HANOVER, SKOLD, XIU XIU, THE KVB and more! Coming to stores and digital platforms March 17!

Also, if you missed them the first time, be sure to catch PRIEST performing at their very first show of 2023 at Hollywood’s notorious goth-industrial nightclub BAR SINISTER, February 11, where you can hear the band perform “PERSONAL JESUS” live!


For more info on PRIEST:


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