THEY GRIEVE Release Somber, Doomy Sophomore Drone Album “To Which I Bore Witness” – Produced by Topon Das (F*ck The Facts)

Photo Credit – Nick Shaw

“To Which I Bore Witness” both lyrically and musically, tries to capture the uncomfortable juxtaposition between weakness and weight. It is the second release from Canada’s drone doom duo They Grieve who are constantly trying to express the ways in which the ugliness and decay we see in the world sets itself down and plants its roots inside of them—how the weight of the world transforms into their own weakness once it has done so. They try to capture this feeling of juxtaposition and tension within the music itself by oscillating between ambient, textural drones and heavy, doom-laden riffs. They continue to explain the album:

“We are very proud of how far we’ve come as a band since our last release. Although it’s been a painstaking process, having scrapped and then re-written most of it, we feel that the end result is a very clear step in the right direction for us. We took our time trying to get the details right, getting more comfortable and adept at filling sonic space as a two-piece. Specifically, we put a lot of work into blending our disparate drone and post-metal influences in a way that feels more natural and seamless than our previous efforts.”

The duo of Gary Thibert on guitars, bass, and vocals; and Deniz Güvenç on drums, synthesizers, piano, and vocals have worked together in the past on a few other projects. In 2015, Thibert was growing increasingly frustrated with his current project at the time and wanted to try experimenting with a more collaborative form of writing, as both of them are songwriters. Initially, they were going to focus on a drone/ambient project but drifted back toward metal pretty quickly. Compared to their first EP, listeners will find this new album more refined and nuanced.

“To Which I Bore Witness” is meant to be depressing, it’s sad, loud music that’s not meant to cross into anger. They Grieve wants people to sit with the album’s sadness and find comfort or kinship within it. The poignant riffs and melancholic layers are recommended for fans of Year of No Light, The Body, and Cult of Luna.

The album was produced by Topon Das (F*ck The Facts) at Apartment Two Studio along with mastering done by Dave Williams at Eight Floors Above and additional tracks recorded by Alex Jakimczuk at Uppercut Studios. The album artwork was done by Pascale Arpin.

The album is being released on February 24, 2023, via Silent Pendulum Records and can be heard through its full stream premiere on Decibel Magazine HERE.

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Music Video – “To Which I Bore Witness” –

Album teaser –

Tour Dates:
Feb 25 – Ottawa, ON – Houe of Targ (Album Release Show)
March 2 – Peterborough, ON – Sadleir House
March 3 – Waterloo, ON – The Dive Bar
March 4 – Toronto, ON – Bovine
March 5 – Hamilton, ON – Casbah

Track Listing:
1. Wither (7:12)
2. Under the Weight (7:23)
3. If Light Should Appear (7:00)
4. To Which I Bore Witness (6:43)
5. Guided (3:18)
6. Weakness (8:01)
Album Length: 39:40

Album Band Lineup:
Gary Thibert: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Deniz Güvenç: Drums, Synthesizers, Piano, Vocals

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Deniz Guvenc & Gary Thibert
• All songs written by: Deniz Guvenc & Gary Thibert
• Produced by: Topon Das at Apartment 2 Studios
• Mixed by: Topon Das at Apartment 2 Studios
• Mastered by: Dave Williams at Eight Floors Above
• Album Artwork by: Pascale Arpin
• Additional tracks recorded by Alex Jakimczuk at Uppercut Studios

About: They Grieve is a two-piece doom, drone, and post-metal band based in Ottawa, Canada. Drawing influence from both minimalist ambient music and down-tempo metal, they blend warm synthesizers, electronics, and lofty guitar drones into mournful hymns and monolithic dirges with urgency, tension, and weight.

Members Gary Thibert and Deniz Güvenç formed They Grieve in 2015 with the intent to experiment with new forms and processes for songwriting, collaboration, and improvisation. Their first EP, I Made My Sacrifice Accordingly, was self-recorded and self-released in late 2016. In 2018, it was re-released with an added bonus track and accompanying music video through Transcending Records.

They Grieve are set to release their first full-length album entitled To Which I Bore Witness. Recorded at Apartment 2 with Topon Das of Fuck the Facts, this album presents a marked change in the band’s sound. Moving away from the harsh-noise influence on their first album, To Which I Bore Witness unveils a much more refined approach to texture and atmosphere while simultaneously shifting to a slower, heavier pace.

Employing a nuanced sense of harmony, the result is an emotional, dynamic, and doom-laden take on post-metal.

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