Tom Mathers of Perris Records and The Band Cherry St. Answers Our Questions / Also Our Review Of The New Cherry St. Release – Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet

Perris Records released of the Cherry St. CD “Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet”. The CD features 11 demos that the band recorded before getting signed to JRS/BMG in 1993. 

I have had these Cherry St. demos for years now. I guess if you are collector and you want it bad enough you are going to get what you want regardless of the price. The hunt of finding what you want is fun. I was happy with the demos and thought they sounded good for being demos. And being a fan of the band I thought this was a huge score. 

That was until now, with Perris Records releasing  Cherry St. “Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet” on CD with a limited run of 500. I didn’t have a choice, I had to check this out, and I pulled the demos I got years ago to compare.

From the gate, you can hear the difference in sound quality, that alone makes the Cherry St. “Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet” CD worth the $12.99 price tag from Perris Records. Moving on to the track listing, every song screams Sleeze Metal. With songs from Hell Raiser, Lickety-Split and of course The Walk to Now And Darkness, Say You Love Me and Spinner, “Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet” is just waiting for this year’s spring and summer concert tailgate season.

So, YES this CD is a must have.


I had a chance to send Tom Mathers a few questions check out what he had to say below.

Dante: Tom how are?

Tom Mathers:  I’m very busy, getting up at 4:30 am 7 days a week and leaving the office at 6 pm.
I have so many great releases on Perris Records this year like Torben Enevoldsen – Transition & 5.1, CHERRY ST. Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet, ROXX GANG- The Voodoo You Love Re-Issue, BABYLON A.D. Live Lightning & Angels In Vein – Long Time Coming.

Dante: Let’s talk about the new Cherry ST. CD “Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet” 

Tom Mathers: The  Cherry St. “Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet” CD is demos we did before securing a deal with JRS/BMG in Hollywood.

Dante: What made you to decide to release it?

Tom Mathers: Awhile ago I had a fan contact me that bought one on EBAY for over $100.00 and I checked it out and they had it selling for $140.00. I was not too happy about this since they used low quality scans of the pictures. The CD booklet admits songs were transferred from cassette tapes to digital. I have the master DAT, the master tapes of all the songs. They are ripping the fans and the band off by doing this.

Dante: How did you come up with the song selection that made the CD?

Tom Mathers: I did the same songs and the same order and recruited my buddy who has mastered numerous Perris titles in the past  Anthony Focx, whose credits include Ace Frehley, Buckcherry & Night Ranger, he mastered all 11 tracks on this CD.

Dante: Alot of the stuff is out there for sale on ebay, on YouTube. How does this release differ from the bootleg stuff floating around?

Tom Mathers: I spent some money doing the  “Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet” CD the best way possible for fans to appreciate it. The response worldwide is better than I could have expected. Cool thing about facebook is all the sharing of post to see the response. There is always going to be bootleg items out there.

Dante: Any chance of releasing new Cherry St. Music?

Tom Mathers: You never know, Taz has a pro-studio in Austin , Chris has a home studio in Vegas maybe someday we can do a few singles for the fun of it.

Dante: Cherry St. Live At The Troubadour. Any chance of this seeing a official being release?

Tom Mathers: It is on Youtube for now. The bass player Don Korbecki sent me the VHS copy. I have many things on my plate, that is one of them.

Dante: Any chance of releasing the Cherry St. home video? Or releasing it paired with something else? Or maybe even a Boxset or a compilation of some type?

Tom Mathers: You know,  you got the wheels turning in my head now. That would be really cool to have the Video on DVD available for fans. I don’t know how many unsigned bands even had one in Hollywood. Plus we had  many cameos like Bon Jovi, Sam Kinison (RIP), Tracci Guns, Jani Lane (RIP), Bret Michaels, CC Deville, & Lemmy (RIP).

Dante: Perris Records has released and is home to some great music. Broken Teeth, Freakshow, Helix, Kristy Majors and that’s just to name a select few.

Tom Mathers: Thank you those are some of my favorites. I’ll never forget starting Broken Teeth with Paul Lidel and bringing in Jason

Dante: Can you tell us about some of the up coming Perris Records releases that are coming out? 

Tom Mathers: 

Torben Enevoldsen – Transition & 5.1

CHERRY ST. Twisted, Rude & Sticky Sweet,

ROXX GANG- The Voodoo You Love Re-Issue, These 4 CDs have been released.

BABYLON A.D. Live Lightning will be in stores March 17th,
Angels In Vein – Long Time Coming. Release date April 7th.

Dante: Is there anything you want to mention that I didn’t ask?

Tom Mathers: Please stop by I have hundreds or Perris releases along with import CDs,
Indie bands CDs, Other labels CDs I work with.

Also There will be a new Rocknation Issue 28 magazine with 18 Exclusive
interviews including BABYLON A.D., ROXX GANG, ANGELS IN VEIN, CHERRY ST. & more.

Dante: Tom ,Thank you for your time.

Tom Mathers: Thank you for this interview.


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