KIX Headlined the first night of The M3 Rock Festival July 2 2021. On the same day their lead singer/frontman Steve Whiteman released his debut solo album titled “You’re Welcome”. The album is great. Twelve hard rock songs that are all worthy of any rock fans playlist. There is absolutely no filler on this record. I don’t think the sound or style of music on this album was pre-planned. I think this is who Steve is when it comes to his craft. He is a Rock N Roll guy and that is what he gave us with “You’re Welcome”. The … Continue reading STEVE WHITEMAN (of KIX) “YOU’RE WELCOME” CD REVIEW


Pottsville, Pennsylvania’s Crobot Dropped their new album Motherbrain Friday August 23rd via Mascot Label Group. In a music landscape where most stoner rock bands and doom metal bands want to out Black Sabbath each other it was refreshing to hear Crobot’s latest release Motherbrain because they took a different approach. Instead of the usual, slow heavy bass driven sound they went upbeat, with a heavy driven dirty riff rock sound and a wicked groove. Motherbrain has 11 tracks. The opening track Burn sets the tone for the entire album. Starting off with lead singer Brandon Yeagley bellowing the lyrics “Blood … Continue reading CROBOT – “MOTHERBRAIN” CD REVIEW / CD RELEASED 8/23/19 VIA MASCOT LABEL GROUP

Black Dawn-On Blackened Wings CD Review

BLACK DAWN: Matt Kotten (Guitar, Vocals),TOM KELLY (Guitar),SHAWN COX (Bass),ENZO DIPAOLO (Drums) On May 3rd Long Island New York’s Black Dawn will release their new CD On Blackened Wings via Pavement Entertainment . I had a chance to check out the CD. After sitting with it for a few days it really grew on me. Just think, if Godsmack and Drowning Pool had a baby you get Black Dawn. On Blackened Wings offers up five tracks of riff driven metal. The bands influences shine through on this entire disc. The track Thoughts Of Yesterday bleeds Alice In Chains. On Blackened … Continue reading Black Dawn-On Blackened Wings CD Review

Gary Hoey – CD Review Dust & Bones Due out 7/29

Provogue / Mascot Label Group will be releasing Gary Hoey’s new album, Dust & Bones on July 29th. Dust & Bones features 11 tracks of blues badassery starting with Boxcar Blues, a great song to set the tone of the disc. Dust & Bones also features the song Steamroller ( A Tribute To Johnny Winter ) as well as a duet featuring Lita Ford called Coming Home. Dust & Bones has its moody moments as well with song such as This Time Tomorrow, the instrumental Soul Sufer and for me the clincher is the title track Dust & Bones. Dust … Continue reading Gary Hoey – CD Review Dust & Bones Due out 7/29

The Jelly Jam CD Review Profit To Be Released May 27th

Profit, the new album from The Jelly Jam will be released on May 27th through Music Theories Recordings / Mascot Label Group. The release could not come soon enough for fans and with good reason. Bassist John Myung of Dream Theater, Guitarist Ty Tabor of KING’s X and Drummer Rod Morgenstein of Winger have put together an amazing collection of music. Profit is a concept album containing 12 songs. In today’s music world some artist will say we live in singles world. The full album experience has been lost for a very long time. If that is true, and I think … Continue reading The Jelly Jam CD Review Profit To Be Released May 27th

Silver Snakes -Saboteur CD Review

Los Angeles rock group Silver Snakes have released their third record, Saboteur, Friday, February 5th via Evil Ink Records. What is refreshing about Silver Snakes is they are not trying to be or sound like anyone else. Saboteur is heavy, moody and melodic. I know you can get that from a lot of bands but Silver Snakes do it in a way I can not describe. Just when you think you know where a song might take you it goes in a different direction. Going back and checking out their earlier work, you can really hear how the band has … Continue reading Silver Snakes -Saboteur CD Review

Aunt Mary new album New Dawn CD Reveiw

Fans of the Norwegian progressive rock band Aunt Mary will be pleased to know they will be releasing their new album New Dawn on February 12TH. With 11 tracks that do not disappoint it is hard to pick any standouts. New Dawn is packed with rhythm n blues, catchy hooks, soulful vocals and just and over all killer groove. It is safe to say any fan of classic rock or hard rock in general will like if not love Aunt Mary’s New Dawn.     Continue reading Aunt Mary new album New Dawn CD Reveiw

Leslie West to release Sound Check on November 20th CD Review

Leslie West will be releasing his sixteenth solo album Soundcheck via Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group on November 20th . There are moments on this album that just popped out and grabbed me. Right from the beginning Left By The Roadside To Die sets the tone for the album. The fourth track, You Are My Sunshine (w/ Peter Frampton) made my head turn. I just never thought you could do something like that with a song that I am sure we all heard when we were babies and toddlers. Here For The Party, just a straight up heavy blues rocker that … Continue reading Leslie West to release Sound Check on November 20th CD Review

Smash Into Pieces – The Apocalypse DJ CD Review

  Smash Into Pieces have nailed it with The Apocalypse DJ. Every song on this CD sounds like it will be a big radio hit. The song My Cocaine (feat. Elize Ryd from Amaranthe) sounds amazing. Other songs such as the first single Disaster Highway as well as the second single Checkmate sound killer as well. Smash Into Pieces is the band to look out for this year and The Apocalypse DJ is a must have disc. Members: Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye – Lead Vocals / Scream Benjamin Jennebo – Guitar Per Bergquist – Guitar / Vocals Isak Snow – … Continue reading Smash Into Pieces – The Apocalypse DJ CD Review

Rocknightmare’s best of 2014

Better late than never. Here is Rocknightmare’s best of 2014. I think a lot of independent artists killed it last year and this list will reflect that. The list is in order from the top down.  1) Feel Never Real – Rock Rebel Gold (Pavement Entertainment) 2) On Top – Top To Bottom E.P. (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) 3) Orcus – Bed Of Lies E.P. (No Label) 4) Lynam – Halfway To Hell E.P. (New Ocean Media) 5) PRONG – Ruining Lives (Steamhammer / SPV) 6) Shaman’s Harvest – Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns (Mascot … Continue reading Rocknightmare’s best of 2014