Shaman’s Harvest “Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns” CD Review

WWE fans may remember Shaman’s Harvest from their song Broken Dreams the theme song for WWE superstar Drew McIntyre. Also the song End Of Days used by WWE superstar Wade Barrett. Fans of the bands first album Shine which featured the single Dragonfly will be happy to know the Jefferson ,Missouri natives are back with a brand new album titled Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns due out September 16th via Mascot Label Group. I have been spinning this one for a while now and I’m hooked. The opening track “Dangerous” sounds like it was written for the WWE as does track … Continue reading Shaman’s Harvest “Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns” CD Review

Lefty Williams ALL IN CD REVIEW

Lefty Williams not my cup of tea or so I thought. I don’t know why but when this came to me in the mail I said to myself “o no”. So it sat there for a few days. What can I say, I am a closed minded a**hole. Anyway, with that being said the new Lefty Williams E.P. ALL IN comes out 8/21 via Tree Leaf Music. I am normally into heavier stuff but this CD just jams. ALL IN is upbeat jazz fused southern rock crossed with a country vibe. I think fans of most rock genres would appreciate … Continue reading Lefty Williams ALL IN CD REVIEW

Mushroomhead The Righteous & The Butterfly CD Review

Mushroomhead released their eighth studio album The Righteous & The Butterfly on May 13th via Megaforce Records. The Righteous & The Butterfly is a great effort that not only features Jeffery Nothing & Waylon on vocals but the return of J Mann as well. . At first I thought having three singers would be too much but then I heard the album and they make it work. Their cover of Adele’s Rumor Has It, had to grow on me but after a few spins, I get it. The song For Your Pleasure is the song I like the most. I … Continue reading Mushroomhead The Righteous & The Butterfly CD Review

Bobaflex – Charlatan’s Web CD Review By: Jeff Lowe

Bobaflex – Charlatan’s Web CD Review By: Jeff Lowe Bobaflex are perhaps one of the most under appreciated and hardest working rock bands in existence. In 2011 they released “Hell In My Heart”, a record that should have been almost impossible to ever match. However, “Charlatan’s Web” the bands 6th full length release, manages just that. In fact the 2 albums compliment each other perfectly as the styles and themes mesh. Charlatan’s Web was released though their own BFX label which has given them the freedom to control all aspects of their craft. In fact the first song on the new … Continue reading Bobaflex – Charlatan’s Web CD Review By: Jeff Lowe


Hailing from Scranton PA “SUCKER” is a three piece hard rock band fronted by bassist and lead vocalist Candi Vee along with guitarist Janson Harris and drummer Timmy Prime. The bands self titled CD has created a buzz locally. I had this CD for several weeks, I have taken it on a few road trips so I had the chance to really crank it up and get into it. Every song on this CD kicks ass. Every song is different from the next and they each have their own distinct groove. Every member shines through on the songs. The bass … Continue reading SUCKER CD Review

Deathpoint – Sinister CD Review

    Canadian metallers Deathpoint are gearing up to release their long awaited new album “Sinister” via Spread The Metal Records this coming October. Vocalist Tom Emmans unleashes a wide range of emotions throughout this disc. Coupled with a killer rhythm section that is comprised of bassist Brad Gold and drummer Mike Labate and the technical savvy of guitarists Henry Joldersma and Tim Ross Deathpoint are bound for better things to come. No filler, just 9 blistering tracks of shear brutality. Deathpoint Is: Tom Emmans – Vocals Henry Joldersma- Guitars Tim Ross – Guitars Brad Gold – Bass/Vocals Mike Labate … Continue reading Deathpoint – Sinister CD Review

Mindset Evolution “Brave, Bold, & Broken” CD Review

Mindset Evolution will release the band’s full-length debut “Brave, Bold, & Broken” via Prospect Park Records on August 20. The album will be released exclusively through Best Buy, and via all digital retailers. Not to many CD’s come my way that I instantly fall in love with but this was one of them. In active rock radio there is a lack of originality. While bands like Nickelback, Godsmack and Linkin Park are completely different from one another there are at least ten other bands that try to sound like them. Mindset Evolution is not one of those bands. Mindset Evolution … Continue reading Mindset Evolution “Brave, Bold, & Broken” CD Review

Lullwater releases self-titled album September 17th CD Review

Lullwater will release their self-titled album independently through their own label Dinobird Records on September 17. I think people may really like this CD. It can be hard hitting at times with songs like “Tug of War” and “The Albatross” but the disc also has a softer, more mellow groove type thing going on with songs such as “Get A Life” and “A Plane”. Lullwater’s self-titled album has a early to mid 90’s feel to it. A sound that has long been forgotten. Some people were glad to see that style of music go by the way side but Lullwater … Continue reading Lullwater releases self-titled album September 17th CD Review

Saxon “SACRIFICE” CD Review

Saxon will release their 20th album on March 26th here in the U.S. After having time to sit with this CD I must say it is absolutely killer.  New fans and die hard fans alike will love Sacrifice. The production is crisp, Biff Byford‘s voice is nothing short of amazing and the lead and rythum tracks remind me of a time when riffs and solos ment something. The Bonus DISC. Yes, this is a real bonus disc. Anyone can throw some live tracks on a CD, call it a bonus disc and get you for more cash but this is … Continue reading Saxon “SACRIFICE” CD Review


  I had a chance to catch the last few songs of the Williamsport PA based band Candlelight Red as they played in Scranton PA at The Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival. After checking out their new E.P. Demons I wish I had caught their whole performance. Demons was produced by Morgan Rose of Sevendust and includes 4 incredible songs including their single and title track “Demons”. It sounds as if Candlelight Red might be moving in a more hard hitting direction without losing what their fans have grown to love them for from their full-length debut, “The Wreckage“.  I say … Continue reading CANDLELIGHT RED DEMONS EP Review